I really feel very bad for that girl...

Hi ppl... I have already posted my nose piercing story under the title "Got my nose pierced along with my anni"

I am here to write up a incident which happened today. I went to jewellery shop near my house to pay monthly gold jewellery scheme and, also to weld and polish my silver anklet. While entering the shop I saw a girl of age 18 to 20 sitting on the slab of achari(jewellery's achari). I went inside and saw a lady,seems to be the girls mom purchasing nose pin along with the achari suggesting her the design of mookuthi. I was laughing inside heart. I paid the money and went out. I saw that girl sitting with fear. I waited for the achari to come outside to have my work done. The achari along with the girls mom came out after purchasing the nose pin for her. The girls mom asked him to do mooku kuthu for her. She got up. The man started to sharpen the tool. The girl got arosed seeing that. She was literally crying but her mom stood as though she dint notice her crying. She dint console her also. The girl had tears in her eyes but she also dint speak out. The achari consoled her stating that it is a common pain which even boys are undergoing in the name of fashion. He asked her to relax so that it will be easy for him. I can see her eyes and face getting red due to fear. With single force he pierced her nose and inserted the nose pin. After two min he screwed her mookuthi. Then her mom paid the achari and left the face. I can see that girl face becoming pale and rude which revealed that she is forced to get it done.

After polishing my anklets I too returned back home. I really feel very sad for that girl. I can see her sorrow in her eyes. She totally doesnt have interest to have it done.

I dont know why people in India are forcing/compeling their daughters/Dils to get their nose pierced in the name of tradition.

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