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i pierced my wife's nose by winning a bet

When i got marriage my wife came without nose piercing so i instantly asked her about nose piercing she never heard my wish one we both played chess our bet is who ever win they can ask what ever they deside in that game first time i won the game and said you should get your nose pierced so noway she brought a chewing needle from the machine and gave to me in a sad mood i pierced her nose and inserted a single stone stud which i bought earlier to her after she looked her face in the mirror her eyes got tears and its so beautiful for her face asked sorry for this delay and in the second game she won and she wants to pierce my septum so i got pierced from her hands now in third i won the game and i pierced her septum and we stopped the game and said we can continue next sunday so next week i may get my nose pierced and she may get other side of her nose pierced

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Dec 28, 2016
Very nice
by: Anonymous

Very nice experience

Nov 25, 2016
me and my daughters and our piercing journey
by: Anonymous

Hi am Reshmi from Bangalore , I am 40 years old I have two daughters Aishwarya 17 years old and rishika 15 years old. We are from a rich family. My husband runs his own bussiness. I got married when I was 20, to him . I am piercing fetish women and my husband also,he loves my piercings. I have my pierced my nose both sides and septum(which I wears occasionally,other times I use retainer) had pierced my ear for 5 times, belly button piercing and gentile piercings yes I have pierced my nipples and VCH. My daughter's are also have crush on piercings. Before marriage I only had my nose and ear pierced. After marriage I pierced my other side of nose and added one more ear piercing. On our first anniversary I have got my nipples pierced as a anniversary gift for him. After two years I got pregnant and delivered Aishwarya . On sixth month we arranged her ear piercing ceremony. That time I told to my hubby " dear our baby want to look different than other babies" he told" it seems you decided some thing" he catches my mind" yes dear shall we have pierce her ear two times in ceremony" he said " it's a good idea" on that my 6 month old daughter got her two ear piercings. All that time I breastfeed her with nipple rings . After 3 years I got pregnant with our second daughter rishika. She also got her doubles pierced. One day I Aishwarya seen my nipple rings when I was feeding rishika. She also said she want to like that. I thought she was fascinated to my nipple rings. At last her constant compelling we decided to pierce her third holes. On her 5 birthday she got her third one pierced. . And on rishika's 2 nd birth day me and she got our third ear piercing. When Aishwarya gone go School she was the only one with multiple studs in her class. When rishika become 5 year old I pierced other side of nose. My daughter's were very anxious about my nose studs. They ready seen my nipple rings many more times while I changing dress. Aishwarya was still very curious about my nipple rings. Shen she was studying fifth standard she got the class topper. On her 10 the birthday she asked her present ,as well as a present for becoming the class topper. She asked me " mommy can have wear rings like you" first time didn't understand the she clarified " mommy can I have wear rings like your " pointed my boobs " no honey you are too young ,when you become old you can wear that". But she didn't agreed,and started crying. At night I told hubby about" dear Aishwarya said me she wants her birthday present"
" What present"
" She want pierce her nipple like me"
" She is little girl how she can do it," he is support to
" That I told her but she is not agreeing"
" Then if she wants let her do it" . I contacted my friend Seema who did my piercing. She said come her beauty parlour . She also got her nipples pierced. One one Saturday Aishwarya and me gone to there Seema and her daughter Megha also there. Megha is same age of Aishwarya. Seema welcomed us. I told Seema" Seema my little girls want to become like me". She appreciated Aishwarya and said" brave kiddo did you really want this"
" Yes aunty I really like it" then Seema said" you know Megha already have this for 2 years" I astonished and said" omg why she did it"
"As your daughter Reshmi she was very eager about this, so before two years it done it for her".
" You are cool mom"
Seema said to Megha " baby just show aunty" Megha lifted her T-shirt and showed her little boobs which are beginning to grow it was with small barbells. Aishwarya also seen it. The. Seema told Aishwarya to remove her T-shirt and marked her little nipples and inserted small gold barbells. She was happy. Then Seema showed her two new piercings . Seema told me " I have some thing to show you" then she takes out kids and returned. She lifted up her midi and showed her vch piercing and navel piercing. I asked did it pain. She said a little bit . If you want I will do it for you. I said yes without any word. Then she pierced my navel and vch. Me and Aishwarya came home. I showed her to how it cleaned. And also said don't tell this about to any of your friends. She nodded yes. The are not changed for three years when rishika was 10 she also got her nipples pierced.after two years my daughter's compelled me to get their nose pierced. As a fetish mom I agreed to them and they got it . That time I also pierced my septum. used a retainer. Both girls are happy with their piercings. Both are good sized boobs like me. Because the have developed the boobs they changed the barbell to gold loops I changed the piercings of them. One day I am sleeping the came home , and they saw my septum piercing. And told and they also want it. And Seema dit it for them . Then Seema told about vch,then they pierced their vch with the old barbells which they used for nipples. After that there are no other piercings we have got. They use retainers while going school. For family function me and they uses septum rings. Now I am a proud mom with all my piercings as well as my daughter's too

May 13, 2013
very interesting
by: Anonymous

Read your story and seems very interesting...
waiting for the result of next week...
but take care ... dont play for lot of both may achieved most pierced humans record :)

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