i pierced my husbands nose three sides

my husband was a nose fetish during my 1st night i have seen my husband nose on two sides pierced impression i asked him why your nose got impression he said use to pierce in night and in the morning he will remove the stud due to his public fear so i asked him can i pierce like that he said ok with great interest then i pierced his nose and placed tiny studs with dipping in feviquick gum his eyes got tears and he enjoyed the 1st night with nose studs on both sides he often watched him in the mirror then he slept in the morning he told to remove his nose studs i said if you dont want you remove he tried but he cant he asked me why is it not a removable type i said yes you can use my studs from today without any abjection from me and no worry about public for one week he felt shy one day we went to our relation house there they all laughed At him atlast i said i only pierced due to interest his nose got studs so no one should make fun of him they all replied being your husband you pierced so as a wife you must also get your nose pierced then it will be matching couple i asked my husband do you wNT TO SEE MY NOSE WITH STUDS HE Ssid ok that night he pierce my nose both sides and i pierced his septum till now more than 4 years we both got studs and loving each other and playing other on each others nose studs

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