i pierced my girl friend nose three sides

I got a girl friend very carrying when i was 2 years old my nose was pierced and copper stud fixed in my nose as our family tradition from my childhood i never felt any different in me but my girl saw me first time she asked me why my nose was pierced i explained about my family tradition then she asked me it the stud not be removed from my nose i said yes and if it was removed i have to change into other model so she said she wants to change my nose stud the we both went to goldsmith and removed the stud and bought one gold stud but its stem is little thick so its not getting in then i asked the piercer to pierce with thick needle then he pierced in the same hole and fixed the new stud with three stones glittering looking very nice but other side of my nose looks more empty and looks more awkward even my girl friend felt the same feeling and she bought one more stud of same model and requested me to wear on both nostril nose stud is not new to me so accepted and got on other side with two mookuthi my face became quite ok but in the goldsmith shop every one comments my girl friend why you are piercing your boy friends nose that too both sides insted being a girl your nose was not even pierced one side this makes herself shy and said she is eager to wear mookuthi both sides immediately so the goldmith pierced her nose bothside and two mookuthis fixed which makes her like a bride one woman sujjested to pierce her septum also so she will become more pretty i asked her she replied if you want to see me with septum pendent i am ready so her septum also pierced so accepted all three piercing because of my love

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