I made my mother pierce her nose

by Rasil

I want to share the story of how I made my mom's pierce her nose .
I am 22 years old male living with my sister of age 6 and my mom who is somewhat 30-35 years old but very pretty and cute. We live in Kerala , here muslim women usually don't pierce their nose .On an evening my mom's and sis wanted to go out , I took them to the city , actually my sis wanted to get her ears pierced since my mom's is afraid of piercing she didn't pierce her ears in a small age , we went to a jewellery and the guy used a gun and pierced my sister's ears , she was looking very cute , I wanted to get her nose pierced also so I offered a diamond stud , she was happy, so we went and purchased an expensive stud for my sis , and went to the gol Smith again for the piercing , at the time my sis got terrified seeing a needle and the gold Smith suggest he won't use gun and he will be using needle for the nose piercing , she disahgredd for the nose piercing and cried , she won't get the piercing in any way , I asked my mom's what to do , she was also terrified seeing it so I suggested that I will make my gf pierce her nose , at that time mom said that she will pierce her nose because of her jealous , I said nose piercing is not sufficient she will have to get the earlobe and second stud piercing for the diamond stud , first she disagred later she agreed , I made her sit on the chair and she hold my hand because of fear I said not to worry and smiled , first her ear lobes were pierced with a gun , usually it didn't hurt much still my mom's

was looking terrified but still she was looking cute with the newly pierced red ears :* next her second stud was pierced she was looking like Angel and the piecer said that my mom's is looking like a beautiful goddess , next it is nose piercing, my mom was looking worried and tensed the piercer was heating a silver needle to red hot he asked which side to pierce , my mom said right side , the piercer said that for women if the pierce left side the menses pain and pain of child birth will be less , I looked at my mom and smiled ,I suggested to piece he left side :) , he made a mark on the nose he asked to hold her tightly I holder her from the back , and he successfully inserted the hot needle , her nose turned red and eyes were filled suddenly he replaced the needle with an ordinary stud and tightened the screws ... Of my god she was a pure goddess I gave a kiss on her cheeks , she was laughing and when she looked in the mirror she was very happy , we paid the jewellery and went to parking lot holding each other tightly , when we entered the car my sis was sitting there laughing and said brother looks like u got ur new bride my mom laughed first and told my sis that next week when she go to change the nose pin she will make her nose also pierced , and told me that she will make my wifes nose pierced in both sides and I laughed so this is how I got my cute mom pierce her nose now she's wearing a heavy gold ring with diamond on it and she again have birth to a baby girl and my sis now turned 13 I also made her pierce her nose and we are living a happy family thanks

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