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Say I love you in Spanish!

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Te Quiero vs Te Amo: Don’t Say the Wrong ‘I Love You’ in Spanish

Say I love you in Spanish! If you are in love with a Spanish boy or girl and you’re ready to declare your true feelings, but you’re unsure of the best way to do so in their language. Never fear, whether you’re looking for a low-key phrase to signal your interest or a grand declaration of your eternal love, we can help you navigate the choppy waters of romance in Spanish.

Before you despair over the lack of choices for saying those important words, consider the fact that there are several ways to express love to friends and family of all ages, as well as to lovers.

Some are silly and playful while others are meaningful and serious.

Let’s look at the options for expressing I love you in Spanish.

Then be prepared to spread some love!

Te quiero/Te amo

Me caes bien

Eres el amor de mi vida

Eres mi media naranja

Te quiero con todo mi corazón

Te ves hermosa/hermoso esta noche

¿Quieres pasar?

Estoy loco/a por ti

Mi amor, cariño, cielo

¿Quieres casarte conmigo?


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Te Amo vs. Te Quiero: Differences in “I Love You” in Spanish

Te Quiero

Literally translated to, “I want you,” te quiero is most appropriate for expressing love to family, close friends, or significant others. Breaking it down even further, “querer” is like saying friends, cousins – hence the less romantic nature of this phrase.

When to use it:

Good or close friends

Significant other (girlfriend/boyfriend)

Extended family

Te Amo

This phrase translates to, “I love you.” This is not something you’d say to a long-time friend or a 2nd cousin. Saying te amo is much more romantic and affectionate, and should be reserved for serious relationships and immediate family members.

When to use it:


Immediate family


I love you in Spanish (phrases)

The following are some common Spanish love phrases translated into English. There is now no excuse for you to say that you don’t know how to say I love you in Spanish!

Estoy chiflado/a por ti (I have a crush on you)

No puedo vivir sin ti (I can’t live without you)

Te necesito (I need you)

Eres increíble (You are amazing)

Eres lo mejor que me ha pasado (You are the best thing that ever happened to me)

Nunca nadie me había hecho sentir como tú lo haces (Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do)

Si algo he hecho bien en esta vida fue entregarte mi corazón (If I did something right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you)

Mi amor por ti no tiene fin (My love for you is never ending)

Siempre te amaré (I will love you forever)

Quiero pasar el resto de mi vida contigo (I want to spend the rest of my life with you)

Bésame (Kiss me)

Cásate conmigo (Marry me)

Te echo de menos / Te extraño (I miss you)


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