I love My Nose piercing

by Pavan Yeltiwar

Just on day a prist came to our house.He was our family priest.My father had some money problem so the priest tolb god might be sad.So they told to do worship at our village.The priest asked is there a daughter to you my father told no so the priest ask is there.He told we want to pierc the nose for the ritual.my mother told its not good for boys.My father told its ok.They both disccused a got ready.
One day they called priest to perform the worship.A lady piercer was also ther.They did worship and in between priest call me to him and cleanedmy nose.I was not knowing knowing about this act.My father brought the piercer and told to pierc the nose. I was shocked i was not knowing anything.I told what is happing.Then priest caught my hands.I was 14 years so tried to run. My father caught me.Priest caught my hands and father caught my head.They told piercer to pierc the nose.She took out a copper wire a candel and she heated it till became red hot and insearted it in my nose slowly ,it was to painful ias crying a lot.After 20 minutes piercing was over my nose was red ,really it was to painfull for me.They gave me a nose stud and told to wear it till 2 years.When i used to go out i used to remove it.And when i used to be at home i used to wear it.

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