I have got a permanent bullring as a Xmas present...

by Elat
(Padang, Indonesia)

My boyfriend insisted to stretch my septum piercing two years ago. I agreed and last X-mas he got me a bullring to wear through it. It is all gold and very showy !
It comes in two pieces and need a tool to screw together. I can't do that by myself.
I wore it many times and we joked about me wearing it permanently. Only joking though...
But one day, without me knowing it he put some epoxy on the screws !
It was a week later that I discovered that !
I was thoroughly pissed, I tell you !
That was last April, I got used to the idea by now, but still don't like it. The only solution is to destroy the ring !
And I don't like that !
So now I'm stuck with a great shiny ring through my nose !
My boyfriend and I made up again. He promised to pay for my next two tattoos, only he doesn't know what two full sleeves will cost him !
That ain't cheap ! I intend to pick the best artist I can find !
That will be my revenge !


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