I am pierced

by Karna

I Am Forced To Pierce Nose. But Im Loving It Now. I am a 28 year male. For a long time i had a dream of learning and performing Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam in front of a huge gathering. After long discussions and suggestions i joined a dance institute in Vittakarun, Karnataka. I paid 22,000 as a joining fee including boarding fee. Initially it was fine. I have learnt a very good part of Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam . During the initial classes itself i was asked by the head instructor to get my ears pierced as it is important to bring the feel of dance and it is part of accessories for a dancer. They arranged for it and made holes in my ears. Since then she kept on forcing me to remove the wires in the ears and put the big jewellery to be accustomed to dance shows. I was made as one of the female team dancers behind a senior student and we would give shows in various towns. For this i have to wear all the female jewellery which includes big basket earrings of pearl type things which are too thick to put into my holes. My eye brow are shoven and the earrings pains a lot while dancing. I have to wear heavy anklets while dancing.And for the nose jewellery i was put fake rings and studs.

But recently in a show my nose ring slipped while dancing. Since then she started forcing me to pierce my nose. I said no i can't. But she is adamant that i should pierce both my nosetrills and septumwhich i don't want to as i have to go back my home once the course is finished. But she is saying i will not be arranged the final test

and govt certificate will not be given. My love towrads the art is forcing me to stay here and for my living i have to perform .

Then one day i got a call early morning from the head to meet immediately. I went to her. She introduced me to Mr.Akerajappa, A very senior dancer aged 60 and told him about my reluctance to pierce nose. Then he asked me about my passion for dance. I expressed my love towards dance. He then showed some older photos of a female dancer recieving many awards for her performances. He asked me would you like to be in her position. I said yes.

Then he said they were his photos when he was young. He said if you have a passion for dance then you will have to learn to adjust to all dancing rolls that are given to you. Then only you can be a comlete dancer. I accepted his words. Then the next day i told our head that i am ready for it. First she made me pierce both my nose trills and after three weeks i was pierced my septum and two more piercings were added on my ears towards the upper side. Within two months everything is healed and i am now able wear all kind of rings and mukoothus. I started wearing sarees and blouses and maintaining my figure in a shape to do all the roles. Just recently got one more pircing on the top of the ear to complete 10 holes on each ear. Now there is no jewellery that i can't wear being a male. I am enjoying both the sexualities. My payments are improved now. But to be frank now i like to be more in female attire than in male.

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