I am a boy with nose ring.

Hey guys i m 18 year old indian boy. I do wear a nosering.you maybe surprised that how can a boy wear a nose ring but ya i love too wear nosering,nosepins,nose studs!!
Well there is a story behind this let me share it with you!
I was always attracted to nose ring from my school
There was a girl in my class i remember it was standard 4 when her nose was pierced and She wore a seamless nose ring for the first time.
I was so attracted to her by seeing her face and her nose ring
I still remember I used to make a nose ring just from a wire,I used to wear it when I was all alone!
It did give me a little satisfaction but it was not enough!
Whenever I saw her face there was always her nosering in her nose She never removed it!
I was always attracted to it I got even more attracted when ever She touches and roll her nose ring in her nose.
I was jealous at the same time that I can not do that because I had no piercing
I wore that wire nose ring for years but only when I was at home and all alone.
Finally I got my nose pierced On june 2017 I wore the first nosering of my life Now it will never fell down I can touch my nose ring I can roll it in my nose it will never fell down because now it is not that wire nose ring It is seamless nose ring its been 1 year and 2 months now i still wear the nose ring and its permanent now
I have tried marathi and bridal nose rings too!

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