husband nose pierced on first night

During my first night my wife entered the room her nose is shinning with multi stone nose stud which makes me nose fetish i started discussing about her nose stud for more than 2 hours this made her to know my interest of nose stud suddenly she removed her nose stud and said she will pierce my nose now itself this thing i never expected but my mind started thinking how i will look with her stud in my nose atlast she pierced my nose with a chewing needle and placed her stud and said not to remove from my hand i promised her she bought another stud for on next day still now iam with her stud daily any one will laugh at me and gives some comments i never cared on seeing my nose with stud my sil also got her nose pierced and few woman in my colony got her nose pierced i got a nice carrying wife for me next month she wants to pierce my septum i said iam ready

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