Husband Forceing me to Pierce Nose

by Amala

I am female aged 25 from Kerala. recently i pierced my nose due to my Hus bend's 3 years wish. On my Marriage day i user artificial stone on nose, after seeing our wedding photos my husband told me it looks very cute for me and he compelled me to pierce my nose. but me and my parents dont like nose piercing, so i said NO always when he forced me to pierce. In earlier Wedding Anneversery he gift me sarrees, but this time On my 3rd wedding anneversery he bought me a diamond nose pin and ask me to wear it.
i discuss it with my MIL and mom, but moth mothers dont like nose piercing. my MIL said do it if its your husband's wish...

I am a School Teacher by profession and a Student too (doing my Research Works) so feel shy in wearing nose piercing at school and college. I Consult my beautician about doing it, she said 2 methods there GUN & NEEDLE. her choice is to use needle , its better than gun. My Husband is very loving and caring, its his only wish he asked at me after marriage.

am Confused
what should i do ? pierce it or not?
if i pierce how i manage it in school and college?
if i not pierce how i fulfill my hubbys dreams ?
if i decide to pierce which side should better ? LEFT or RIGHT ?

waiting for you valuable comments

Thanking you

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