Home Piercings .

by Ashley Joy
(Elyria Ohio )

Alright so i was at my friend lystra's and i was like can you pierce my lip she was like yeah well we got some sewing needle's and we sat down next to the window she sterlized the needle and ring with a lighter she went and washed her hands so everything was clean . well she touched my lip with the needle and i started freaking out . and i was like no no no ! and she was like you asked me to pierce your lip im gonna pierce something on you i was like do my nose instead . and it took her a half an hour just to put in the needle and when the needle was all the way though she said that she had to take the needle out and hurry up and shove the ring in i said okay well she took the needle out but the nose ring was to big and she didnt wanna gage my nose hole i guess is that you can call it xD well she had to hunt down another earing but this one was a regular earing not a nose ring xD to put it though but the last layer of skin was already heeled so she had to repierce it again and now i just woke up and it was laying next to me and my nose is already heeled so now shes gonna have to repierce it for a 3rd time -________- like it didnt get infected or anything dumb because she knew what she was doing .

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