HELP !!!!!

by Anika
(Richmond Va)

I got my nose pierced about a month agao. And its like a living hell. I got it do with a little plastic gun the was brand new.I had absolutely no idea that i was supposed to get it done with a needle. The first stud i had sank in my nose in a week so i went back to the store i got it done,they told me it was healed already and i could change the stud.So i got a bigger one and that one did the same thing.Since it was sinking in and my skin was growing over it, i changed it on my own.I put a hoop in and it was just the worst.there was a bump and it was oozing out pus.So i went to Spencers and the cashier told me to go get bactine and the bump and oozing will be gone in no time, that was a lie.That went on for about a week. So finally yesterday it looked horrible and i was just fed up. I saw something about sea salt soaking online and decided to try it. I took the hoop out and put the bigger stud i had in before and its swollen inside and sinking in again. Please help ne because i have no idea what to do.

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Aug 22, 2016
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by: Anonymous

Hi Anika
I had my nose pierced with a needle, and I had heaps I mean heaps of problems with my piercing, doesn't matter what I've done, nothing worked, well, after almost 1.5 year I've decided I had enough and took it out, (was very emotional for me as that was the very last thing I wanted to do). After 4 months I had my nose pierced again but this time by a gun (I know everybody say not to), the lady that did my nose "piercing "said to ONLY use SEA SALT water and NOTHING else, it's a month now and all I use is sea salt water and cleaning my nose in the morning and evening, and my nose piercing looks wonderful, so I will really suggest to literally soak your noise in warm not too hot seal salt water twice a day and DON'T touch your piercing at all. Hope your nose piecing heal as I know exactly what you going through :)xx 

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