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Aug 22, 2016
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by: Anonymous

Hi Anika
I had my nose pierced with a needle, and I had heaps I mean heaps of problems with my piercing, doesn't matter what I've done, nothing worked, well, after almost 1.5 year I've decided I had enough and took it out, (was very emotional for me as that was the very last thing I wanted to do). After 4 months I had my nose pierced again but this time by a gun (I know everybody say not to), the lady that did my nose "piercing "said to ONLY use SEA SALT water and NOTHING else, it's a month now and all I use is sea salt water and cleaning my nose in the morning and evening, and my nose piercing looks wonderful, so I will really suggest to literally soak your noise in warm not too hot seal salt water twice a day and DON'T touch your piercing at all. Hope your nose piecing heal as I know exactly what you going through :)xx 

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