Healing Concerns.

by Kelsey
(Forsyth, GA)

My nose was pierced with a gun six months ago. every day since the 3rd week, i put in my spacer for school except on weekends. i wear only steel piercings when not using my spacer. i have gone from a 16g to a 20g and to an 18g. when i took out my nose bone 20g i riped the inside hole , so i put my other 20g in that was not a nose bone and it swelled for about 3 days and then a week later i put in my 18g, it didn't swell but it was sore for about 3 days also. It now still remains an 18 and i plan on keeping it at an 18. Have i done any damage from the constant changing and gauging? and is my piercing healed enough to leave it out longer than a minute? im scared to leave it out longer than that.

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