Got my nose repierced due to my MIL!!!!!!

Hi everyone....

My name is devi residing in chennai.During my college days I got my nose pierced in right side in grt just for fun.After one month I removed it as I feel it made me looking matured.

After my graduation my marriage was fixed.My future MIL was so stubborn that I must get my nose pierced.But I dint take it seriously and at last reluctantly said I cant do it.She was not able to speak and left that topic.
After my marriage, everything went smoothly.I was so happy.One fine day when no one was there in house an old man entered and my mil asked me to prepare tea.
Both of them were discussing something,when I entered there was a grreat silence.I was annoyed at that moment.
Two neighbourhood ladies who were my mil friends came.The piercer started heating a thick silver needle which my mil gave.Suddenly my mil told me that they are here to help me getting my nose pierced.I was stunned at that situation.I was about to move to my room but was held by the three ladies.My mil told the piercer to start.They made me sit over the sofa and my hands and legs are holded by the ladies.Mean time the piercer inspected my nose and marked the area to be pierced. With great gush he inserted the red hot needle.It hurt me so badly, I shouted at my top of my voice and tears came running in my eyes but all in vain.A medium size nose pin was inserted and screwed tightly with lilac so that I cant remove it further.

After that my mil told that this was a revenge from her for my behaviour before marriage...

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Jan 17, 2012
It s not that much good
by: Anonymous


First of all y mil herself does'nt have her nose pierced both side. Then how she will be happy if I do that.I dont have interest to wear both sides mookuthis.Others may like to wear but not me.After piercing my hubby himself doesnt like it and it leads to a hot fight between him n his mom.So I think ur idea doesnt fit.

Good day!!!

Jan 09, 2012
pierce other side also
by: Anonymous

Hi devi you should get your other nostril pierced yourself in local shop which is painless. By doing this you MIL will love you instead of hating you... which will increase your family happiness.

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