Got both side nose pierced by mil

by hemalatha

As soon after my marriage, my mil took me to achari and got my empty nose pierced on right side. I was wearing a small white stone mookuthi for years. Now I got two childrens. One fine day my mil took me and ordered some mookuthies.As she belong to both side nose pierced community,I thought she is ordering for her.So I remained silent.

After one week time mookuthi was delivered to my mil. Last week friday morning I was informed that those mookuthies is ordered for me.Also she told I will be getting pierced that day evening.I cant talk against her so remained silent. Then She took me to temple and kept the jewel box on amman's feet and we returned back home. By evening she took me to achari. He first removed my right side mookuthi and repierced it and fixed besari on my right side. I was screaming in pain. But no use.

Similarly he took charge of the other side. He marked the left side. Inserted an thick needle like tool over the thongattam mookuthi,positioned over my nose.With a great gush he inserted it over my left side nose. I started to cry in pain. Everyone in road was seeing us. Then he inserted the screw and screwed it well.Now I was wearing mookuthies on both side!!

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