going to arrange for you to get your nose pierced

by Shyamala

This is a true story of how I got my nose pierced. My perima's name is Jaya. She is my father's brother's wife. She's extremely beautiful. I don't mean this in a sexual sense, but as a form of admiration.

I was the youngest of three boys in our joint family in Bangalore. My father and mother had me and one elder brother. My uncle and perima have a son. They lost a daughter in a miscarriage, something Jaya perima tears up about when she talks about it even to this day.

In 2007, when I was 10, peripa found a job in Saudi. Their son got accepted to college in the US, and so perima went to Chennai to be closer to her side of the family. Summer holidays for the next 5 years were spent in Chennai, where perima and I grew really close, to the point of her becoming a second mother to me.

After class 12 in 2015, I scored very well and got accepted to Loyola college in Chennai for thier evening BCA degree. Obviously, my parents sent me to stay with Jaya perima in Mandaveli.

I remember the date very clearly. September 29th ,2016- Thursday. It was right before navaratri. Perima has the custom of keeping Kolu. I had helped her arrange the steps that day and arrange the dolls. It was tiresome work and I was sweating at the end of it. I headed to get a cold shower and shave.

When I got out of the shower, perima had taken out a pair of diamond earrings from her cupboard onto the bed. She casually asked me- "Kannukutti, I want to wear these jimikis on Saturday (the first day of navaratri). How do they look on me?". By then I had taken the liberty of making wisecracks at her. I said "Perima, you're too old for such fashionable jewelry. This is for somone my age". Her gaze quickly snapped towards me. She motioned towards me and told me authoritatively- "Shyam, I want you yo wear there earrings now(I had got my ears pierced the year earlier)". I protested- "Perima, that's not what I meant...."

"Shhhhh!!!" she interrupted, with her finger on my lips. She gracefully pulled her hair back to reveal her right ear. They were decoarated with six earrings made with diamonds in gold, each one prettier than the previous one.

"Shyam, do my ears look beautiful", perima asked.

"They do look beautiful, perima", I replied.

"Do you want to wear earrings like these and look beautiful too", she asked. "Yes, perima....I mean No, perima", I replied.
"Yes, or No, Shyam?" She asked me with a radiant smile.I saw mischief in her eyes, and she let out a mischievous laugh, all her glory on display. I tried leaving ,but she grabbed my hand and sat me down on the bed. My heart was pounding with excitement.

"Shyam, these earrings will look pretty on you", she said, while putting them in my ears. "This navaratri, I want you to be the daughter I never had. I hope you won't disappoint me". I had surrendered by now . She then proceeded to apply kajal to my eyes and lip gloss. She took me in front of the mirror on her cupboard and showed me how the new earrings and makeup look on me. I was blushing with shyness. "From today, you will be Shyamala to me. It's going to be our little secret. Come let's go to dinner".

We sat in the car and drove to

a posh restaurant with live music playing. The lighting was great. It amplified her beautiful facial features. She paid the bill and we drove back home. Once we home she asked me what I enjoyed about the dinner.

"The food was great, Perima. The ambience was great too", I said.

"That's it?", she asked. "Were you not missing anything ?".

"What do you mean, Perima", I asked? "Shyamala, look at my nose", Jaya perima said smiling, with her head looking away, presenting the left side of her face in full view. "How do I look with my Mookuthi, dear?"

I was speechless. She wore the most brilliant 7-cent vaira mookuthi, sitting right in the middle of her left nostril.

"Perima, you look beautiful", I said. She put her finger into her nose and unscrewed her nose ring. She then took a step towards me and put the mookuthi on my left nostril pressed it against my tender skin. It sent a shiver down my body.

"Mookuthi is a very beautiful jewel, Shyamala. It is the pinnacle of feminine jewelry", she said.

"Shyamala, Friday is an auspicious day and the first day of navaratri. This mookuthi will look divine on you.I'm going to arrange for you to get your nose pierced tomorrow". I was dumbstruck and didn't know what to say. This was a step too far, I thought.

"But Perima, I thought this was only for navaratri", I said. She laughed and said "My beautiful, why only 9 days? God has blessed you with such beautiful looks and a shapely and feminine nose. Wear a small stem. The hole won't be visible. Plus, I'll give you whatever you want to wear".

The next morning, perima put my hair in a small bun and put on the most gorgeous bridal drops in my ears. We then drove to GRT where I sat down. Perima handed th thattan the same mookuthi she pressed against my nose the previous day. The thattaan (piercer) proceeded to mark a spot at the dead center of my left nostril which perima okayed. Then he flipped my nostril up, and micron by micron pushed the stud in. My eyes were watery from the pain, but i was in ecstasy. I attempted to stand up to look at myself in the mirror, but perima sat me down, reminding me that the piercing was complete but the screw hadn't been put in yet. My inexperience was beginning to show. The thattaan screwed the stud in place and I stood up to see myself in the mirror. Tears of joy began to come out of my eyes. Perima kissed me on my cheek and told me how beautiful I look

We got home, and I took a shower. I looked at myself in the mirror. My manhood was intact, but I had lost all masculinity. There was a sudden rush of estrogen in my blood. I looked down on my nose in admiration of this most feminine jewel, seeing all the colors of the rainbow in the diamond. I saw Jaya perima pull up on my side in the diamond too, smiling at her daughter.

Perima pulled out a jewel box and took out a wide variety of wedding naths, rings, besaris and studs. She said "Kannamma, let the piercing heal. Then you can whatever you want".

I hugged her and kissed her. I have since then grown my hair and got my ears pierced three more times. This remains a secret between her and me, Jaya perima is the best :)

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