Friend pierced my nose

My name is Priya I am staying with my friend Subha she went to her grandma house for holiday after 10 days she returned to our room with both nose pierced and big stud shinning I don't know what to say because we both got additional stud in our ears on same day same model dress and all things so now I also have to pierce my nose for two days I am confused how I will looking with two stud in nose on third day we bought same model stud its 12 stone each stud looks little heavy and stem little thick then the normal so fear started I said better I get it pierced in our room through my friend instead of getting outside so we purchased 2 chewing 14 gauge and returned room I said Subha to tie my hands back so I won't disturb her while piercing she tied me and with force she pierced my nose and inserted two studs my eyes got tears after 1 hour gap I saw my nose in mirror it looks nice and well placed I can feel the weight of the stud on seeing us in the office every one gave good comments

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