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former boy getting my nose and ears pierced

by maahi
(London )

Im an English white boy and I had a normal life until I was 14.
Im from a single family and the house is me and my mum.
I always knew my mum wanted a girl but a couple of years ago she came up with a plan which has changed my life.
it was just before Christmas and was time to cut my hair and she just send me as it had had always been kept short.
as the months passed I mentioned it and she made excuses until one day it was the last day in school. I came home and she sorederd me to have a shower and said there will be a nice surprise waiting for me.
I came out of the shower and there was this dress on my bed, she came in and told me that as I knew she always wanted a girl and now its her time to have one.
All my boy clothes had been replaced and as I thinking what I could do she ripped the towel off from around me leaving me naked.
I then heard the door going and it way my aunt and I heard her come upstairs and as she came in she said "right we got to turn this one into a girl" as I stood there naked.
there threw me a pair of girls panties which I slid on and she helped me into the dress, I nervously asked how long this will last my hear sank as she said all summer.
After dressing up my aunt styled my hair and touched y nose and ears and said we have to do something about that tomorrow.
The next day I was put in another dress and my hair was in pigtails and I was taken off to the salon, after getting my hair cut into a girls bob style the woman in the salon got this box out and they started looking through and getting packets out, I then saw written on the outside "Piercing Box'
I asked what was happening only to be told I was getting my nose and ears pierced.
I had my ears marked and had two studs

in both sides then they marked my nose and with the gun pierced that.
Well I lived all summer as a girl and as soon as I could I took the nose stud out as soon as I could to mums displeasure.
the next summer was much the same being forced to have my nose and ears pierced and wear dresses but this year has been different.

Due to Covid-19 my last year of school has finished early in March not July and I said to mum im not being pierced again and she gave me that look where she had something planned.
As usual my boy clothes had vanished and my hair was quite long so I chose a dress and put my hair into a couple of braids.
She started talking about piercing again and I point blank refused, my aunty came round to try to persuade me and it was still no.
That evening after lunch I was feeling drowsy and passed out. When I woke up I had been out in my nightdress and put to bed.
I stumbled around a bit my head was hurting and was drowsy so I just made my way downstairs.
I got down and Mum and Aunty were just smiling and Mum just said to Aunty,"she hasn't realised yet"
Mum just told me to go and wash my face, when I did I felt it a double piercing in both sides and it was large too.
It urned out she had been reading on this site about some women who had been drugged by their MIL's and thought she would do the same to me.
She also liked the large Mookuthi so she gave me the large stem ones, she also told me they were fixed with hot wax so theres no way they will come out.
Later that day she took me to the area the west London Indian communities and got me a couple of Saris .
The woman commented on how nice it was to see a westerner wear their clothing, so now thats how im dressed and she's started calling me Maahi.
Should I let her change me like this or should I run away

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