Forced nosepiercing

by xxxxx

My forced nose piercing
Story by shekhar
I am lalita.
I will narrate my forced painful nose piercing
two weeks back.
Really it was an unforgettable day in my life..
For the last one month my mom was
persuading to get my nose pierced as she said
that mukuthis is the sign of womanhood and
without a nose stud I look boyish .I was just
delaying the issue as I being a modern girl
didn’t feel the need for a nose stud. Why wear
a nose stud it does not make any difference
Secondly I was worried that nose piercing will
hurt me and I wanted to avoid this
botheration. After a whole month of
persuasion when my mom could not persuade
me she reported the matter to my dad .My
mom told my dad that I was getting to my
marriageable age and it would not look nice if
I don’t look traditional and homely in front of
my future in laws .My dad gave me a strict
order to pierce my nose and I was afraid of my
dad and promptly said “yes appa I will do it
whenever you say”.
After consulting an astrologer they decided to
pierce my nose on Monday.I got up at 6 that
day bit worried about my piercing. Then my
mom told me to get ready. I first wore salwar
and got ready. She scolded me that this is not
way to go to achari (goldsmith).Then she told
to wear a saree as I was eighteen years old. I
was so beautiful such that everyone was
praising my beauty.I combed my hair and
mom told me to tie up my hair in a plait. I was
looking pretty. Then I had butterflies running
in my stomach about the piercing. Then I told
to myself its just one piercing, it will be over
within a minute. Don’t worry lalita u will look
more attractive.
I was emboldened when my mom said in tamil
"mookuthi potal nee romba azhaga
irupen".That is I will be pretty when I wear
mookuthis (nose studs).Then my mom said to
see my face before piercing as it would be the
last without nose stud. I just laughed and said
its ok mom. Then I went to achari shop which
is in market Then I reached jewellery shop. My
mom went to the achari and asked him to
show medium size nose studs for me. The
salesman took out a large tray having over 50
mukuthis. My mom looked at them with a lot
of interest and then she selected two
mookothis said for buying nose studs. I was
excited. I looked at the mookothis , both were
of the same design and size they were made in
gold sudded with American diamonds. But I
thought for once why was mom buying two
mookothis?? Then I thought that it was one for
me another was for my mom herself. I wanted
to ask my mom about this but felt so shy in
shop that I didn’t raise my head.!
Later I thought may be my mom wants me to
have an extra pair of earring rather than
wearing a nosestud.. wow that means no nose
studs .t hats good for me as I thought all girls
wearing nose pin are backward in attitude. I
was certain that my mom wants my ears to
pierced !I liked to ask her but could not
because but shyness was there because of
achari who is a man.. she paid money and we
went to achari shop. Its a big jewel shop in
market .Then in achari shop my mom said in
tamil .she said "lalitakku mooku kuthunan" .In
english " pierce nose for lalita". I was
disappointed now because I thought that I may
escape this ordeal with an extra pair of ear
piercing as I really hated my nose to be
pierced .But I understood that was not to be. I
have to pierce my nose and wear a nose stud.
The second nose studs that mom has bought is
for herself.
My beauty was simply seen by boys working in
that shop.I felt so shy in front of everyone. It
was a different custom in that shop. I waited
for 5 minutes. Then achari told to sit in front
of another man.
I sat in a wooden desk .My cute nose was
examined by him. I cried it as he had pinched
by sharp nails. He told that that nose should
be shapened so only he pinched then. I sat in
another flat wooden desk of little height he
gave water to clean my nostrils .I cleaned it.
Then my mom told me to sit in front of achari.
There the procedure started!
He took the stud given by mom. My mom told
to me to worship our family god before this
traditional custom .I prayed and had fear in
my face. Achari checked both the studs size .I
was happy but fear was there .He took a gold
wire with size of nose stud and lightly heated

it. He told that it would be painless. But there
the problem started as mom told achari that
do it painfully for easy child birth .I was really
irritated by my moms attitude by this time.Still
I thought ok its just one hole I will be able to
handle it. Then he heated it more for painful
piercing. Then he took gold wire and touched
my nose. I just shouted as it was so hot. Tears
ran from my eye he inserted the wire
slowly .It was so painful as my nose width was
large. I cried and cried. Mom had a inner
happiness shown in her face as her daughter
was following customs .achari lifted my nose
and tried to take out wire. But it pentrated
only little and blood oozed out. Then in few
minutes it was taken out and ahcari told that
wire came out the pain was still there. Then he
took nose stud and put in the hole and it was
more painful as it was sharply ended. Tears ran
down my ears.
I felt so relief but he took screw to tight in
inner end he pulled my nose and it was more
than pinching. I showed my nose so that he
inserted the screw and tightened it. I like a
really relieved woman when he out screw. Then
everyone in the shop saw my nose stud.It was
glittering.I sitll had pain!
Now I was happy finally my nose piercing was
over , I touched the nosestud slightly with my
finger and was preparing to get up from my
seat. But the achari told me to sit as he said he
was not completed yet. He took the gold
piercing pin and started to heat it again. Now I
asked my mom “ mom isn’t it complete”. My
mom told me no the other nose will have to be
pierced now.
Now I could not believe myself.She is planning
to pierce both my nostrils! No way, I will not
allow this to be done. I am a modern girl
studying in college. How will I go to my college
wearing nose studs on both nostrils. I will
become a joke in front of my classmates. I told
my mom please don’t do it, but she wont
listen. Mom kept repeating your dad wants you
to wear nose studs on both nostrils its not my
decision and you have to wear it, there is no
escaping from it. I knew my dad will never be
so unreasonable it was moms game to get my
both nostrils pierced.
I looked at my mom dumbfounded with tears
rolling down my eyes. She could not look at
me but turned her eyes away to the achari and
said” pierce her left nostril “.
Now I broke into tears as I knew there is no
escaping from it. I cant wear salwar or jeans
anymore with these nose studs, How will I go
to the college in front of my friends everyone
will laugh at me.
I just thought where will I hide my face…..Then
I felt the achari slowly touching my left nostril
Then the same process was followed in my left
nostril ,it was pierced and immediately
bejeweled with a diamond nose stud .I could
now feel the weight of both the nose studs on
both nostrils.
My mom was happy and ecstatic as if a big
achievement has beenmade. She did not allow
me to see the mirror in the jewelers shop.
Then mom said I looked more beautiful. She
told me that she has been praying for this day
for long and god has granted her wish, now all
she wants is a nice groom for me and get me
I was taken to a nearby temple and told to pay
respect to our family god and then taken back
home by a rickshaw.
When I went home my dad looked at me and
kept looking at me for sometime and I felt a
bit uncomfortable. My dad told my mom “ you
have pierced both her nostrils I see”. Mom
said it was necessary for me as it will keep me
indoors and make me learn household work
which will be helpful for my marriage. Later
when I looked myself at the mirror I felt I was
looking like an amma with two glittering nose
studs on both my nostrils. My mom came up
to me and said that I aint the same young girl
anymore. I have to become more mature and
traditional. I also understood I have to leave
my childishness and start acting more mature
from now on. I have to be married as it is the
only option left with me (as I wont be able to
go to college in this dress) and I have to be a
good wife to my husband and make him happy.
I was totally defeminised in the whole process.
I hid my tears in my eyes and told my mom,
mom I want to get married, find me a nice

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