Forced marriage and mookuthi sharing with a young girl after deceit

by Kannan
(Delhi India)

This is a real story from north india where symbolically nose ring or math is removed as a sign of losing virginity which is socially accepted and the husband wears the nose ring or math on his nose to remind the wife who removed.A 60 yr old wealthy and socially powerful land lord marries a 20 yr old girl by showing her and her parents his photo in the youth through a broker and as such in north the grooms face is covered in a sehra and gets married as per rituals. In the first night he reveals his face and the girl is shocked and he drugs her and removes her nose ring and has sex with her.In the morning she accepts the fate and saw her nose ring in his nose as per their custom and gets nose piercing on both sides for her along with a tattoo on her left arm that she is wife and mother and grand mother to his grand children. She accepts and now has adjusted bearing him 3 children with the looks of a mother and grand mother. In the night she enjoys playing with her nose ring on his nose and he fondles her double nose screw and they both proudly show it their neighbors and relatives.

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