ettukallu besthri potta

by pooja
(chennai tamilnadu india)

hi iam in double nose pierced group when i was 13 i got my nose pierced along with my two sisters,one day an old lady came to my house she asked my mom why your daughter noses are not pierced, my mom said yet to pierce then the lady asked my mom that she will pierce without getting any money so mom insisted to pierced all three of us. my elder sister first sat in front of her she took a needle and inserted a thread of four foldings my sister got shivering, my self and my mom holdng my sisters hand tightly when the lady starts piercing my sister jumped so the lady got angry and she asked my mom to get a rope and she tied my sisters hands back to a post and two legs togethor and she asked my mom to hold the face after she pierced my sisters nose two sides and the threads are tied after finishing the rope is removed my sister started crying since she wants one side alone but my mom told it will be diffficult to pierce during the marriage because my mom second nose pierced on marriage itself next my second sister got in same method at last myself she asked to show my hands backside and tied togethor i told not to tie my legs but she said nothing harm just for 10 minutes by telling she tied my legs and she asked me still u r young u want one side or two sides i said two because my two sisters will get two studs for that only i need two she said very good i will do yours slowly and she pierced mines gently i got tears my mom wiped my tears and said all were looking very beautiful because she pierced in exact position my mom gave some cash and fruits .At 23rd age i got married my mil likes me very much since iam the only dil among the three who got double nose studs she bought me 8 stone besthri and thalluku mookuthi in diamond she herself removed my single stone and inserted the new one. my sil asked her mom to get one for her but my mom insisted she will get two if she is ready to pierce two sides in this matter iam very comfortable with my husband and my mil both likes me that much .Iam wearings the 8 stones from 2009.

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