double nose studs traditions in our home.

by visalakshi

Hi, i am visalakshi aged 36.I am
also nose pierced on both
sides.I would lkie to share my
experience through this forum.I
was born in a village near
Thiruvaiyar in Thanjavur dist of
Tamilnad as the youngest of 3
daughters and a son.The eldest
daughter was 12 years older to
me and the second daughter
was 10 years older and the
brother was 6 years older.We
are orthodox iyer family and
grew up in the village. The
village custom in those days
was that girls were given the
right nose piercing at around
7-8 years and were sent to
school around that age
only.When they reached the age
of 15 the left nose was also
pierced and the average age for
marriage was 15-18, by which
time SSC would be
complete.Beyond SSC was
rare.In line with this policy my
sisters Kamakshi and Meenaksi
got their right nose pierced ar
around 8.The eldest, Kamakshi
also got left nose pierced at 15
and got married at 17 after
completing SSC.She is also
wearing only 9 yards saree
after marriage.The next sister,
Meenakshi got her left pierced
at 18 just before her marriage
on completing SSC. Now i being
the last and a bit pampered
had some relaxation.My right
nose was done when i was 10
and i continued to do my HSC
as well.I was 19 when
completed HSC and soon a
match got Feb. The in
laws however sought time of 6
months in order to cater to the
delivery schedule of their
daughter.There was also no talk
of left nose piercing by in laws

well as my parents since
times had changed a lot from
1st marriage to now ie a gap of
around 15 years and village
policy was also a bit relaxed
and double nose studs was not
compulsory.I was hoping it
would pass off with only the
right nose.Now the unexpected
happened.Suddenly 2 weeks
after my marriage got fixed a
proposal came for my brother
too and got fixed for April
wedding.My mother wanted her
DIL to wear on both sides but
was hesitant to ask
them.Kamakshi stepped in and
told them that the bride should
wear on both sides as that was
the custom and all daughters
are following and DIL would be
no exception. They reluctantlu
agreed and my SIL who is only
3 months older to me and is
also HSC passed like me got 2
nose studs .At my brother's
wedding my il laws were also
invited.At the ceremony the 2
sambandhis interacted and my
in laws wondered why their DIL
should not be wearing on both
sides.Immediately they took up
with my father and here again
Kamakshi stepped in and said
that it was a foregone
conclusion that my left nose
would be pierced and i was
never exempt from family
traditions.Thus my fate was
sealed.At 19 i got married with
wearing sparkling diamond
studs on both the nostrils and
am still wearing them .The
piece of consolation is i am not
wearing 9 yards like
Kamakshi .Another good news is
that my husband's sister also
got her left nose pierced and is
wearing on both sides.Sorry for
the long story. Visalakshi

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