double nose stud ecstasy

by vanitha

initially i was very reluctant to pierce my nose .but a few years after my marriage, i pierced, not one side but both sides of my nostril.i did this when my hubby was outof station for a few days.when he returned home , i felt little bit of shy to show my pieced nose. he reached home and started doing routine works without noticing my pierced nose.

after finishing my houshold works i reurned to our room and egarly awaiting my hubbys hubby started to tell something ,only then he saw my pierced nose. after seeing the studs, he shouted with joy, ,lifted me with both hands , hugged me tightly that i cannot breath,and started to shower kisses on my pierced nose, he didnot leave me for a few seconds.

i tried to hide me nose with shy. he removed my hands and started to kiss my nose.he told me,"hey darling atlast you have fulfilled my wishes,i am speechless to express my feelings",he was murmering with affection.
after that i went for sleeping.when i wakeup in midnight ,i found that he was starring at me with much love.

when i went to office all the people in the office looked at me by all friends asked me about nose piercing. everybody commented that my nose looks cutier than ever.almost all of them admired. i never expected that much response from them.they started to ask all sorts of questions and i replied to them in detail with patience.after a few monts, inspired by my nosepiercing , few of the girls in my office pierced their noses ,ofcourse oneside only

from that time my hubby started to buy varieties of nose studs ,gold ,stonned, diomond all sizes and designs. i was having more than 50 pairs of studs ,and my hubby changed the stud everyday.people in my office egarly awaited my new design nose stud everyday
now my life is much more happier than ever in both my home and office. i am very proud of my nose piecing i have have discoverd a new ecstasy in my life

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