double mukkhutties and a septum

by smitha
(chennai, india)

Hi all, smitha from chennai, here is my story. I had my left nose pierced when I was like 13 year old, from my mother side there no compulsion to have nose pierced so my mother has only a diamond stud on left side. But iam pretty much into the piercing thing so have 3 ear piercings. I got married at the age of 26 and got a really traditional family. Most of my in laws belongs to double pierced group. So after my marriage got my right nostril pierced too. My mother in law has nice mukkhutties , my mother in law used to take me with her in various ceremonies and functions. I remember that in one of such functions my mother in law's friend met me along with her daughter, her daughter had both nostril pierced but had big mukkuthies. After seeing my reaction about those mukkuthies my mother in law asked me if I would like to wear like that and I said yes. Next day she showed me a wooden box, that box was containing many jwels and she took ou two ettu kallu besaries . I took out my old studs and put those besaries. Wonderful ! Was the reaction from my in laws, my husband asked me why dont you wear a septum ring too ? You will look good ! So I went to a piercing shop and got my septum ring too. I have tried many combination till now and I am proud that I follow such a great tradition.

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