daily getting my nose pierced

I belongs to chennai and i am 28 now s being a boy i always feel to wear nose studs on both sides of my nose so io pierce use t my nose in late night and i enjoy my self in mirror and use to get photo and some times i use pierce my nose in unknown area and with two studs placed by enjoying comments from many women many girls came close to me and asked its real or fake one day one lady asked me can i touch my nose i said ok said ok she touched and enjoyed and asked can i touch daily i said you come to my house so she shifted to my area we both joyed i asked why your nose not pierced she replied if you want you can pierce my nose one monday i took her to beach and pierced her nose both sides and placed big nose studs which looks bright to her face i daily use to flip her nose and watch her inner screw which makes my cock errect she noticed and said she wants to tie my cock with rope i allowed to tie she enjoyed i too felt satisfaction

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