crazy thing happend

by Josh MacRae
(ashland city tennessee)

so i have 8 gauge septum im going bigger in time. so im sick lastnight before i went to bed since my nose has been running i wanted to put it back in so it wouldent be a pain to do when i got up. so i put it in pasted out and woke up rolling around and realized my septum ring was gone i figured one of the balls had gotten rubbed and came loose or what not. when i woke up i was looking for it and i then looked and there it was on the floor both balls on it tight as if it had been pulled out of my septum. the ring is 8 gauge so the balls have to be at a 4 gauge at least no way it could have pulled out? but there is no way i took it out in my sleep i cant even do it easy when im awake! so just wondering if its possible

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