chennai guy getting nose pierced both sides

Hai iam in chennai yesterday my mom arranged for my nose piercing since iam her only son she want one child as agirl so she wants me to be her son and as well as a daughter during my childhood she took lot of photos in girl attire and hanged in the hall now iam 12 she requested me to wear her all jwells icant avoid her feelings i said ok now she planned to pierce my nose because my ears already pierced at 3 so no way she suggusted she wont compell to wear always i can use retaianer when ever she feels to dress me in female attire i should accept with this condition my nose was pierced on right side i said you can pierce both sides her eyes got tears if she had a girl even she wont accept for both nose she told the piercer to do both sides and two studs placed on my nose and i took 7 days leave so that the studs can be removed after healing so from 21 aug 2012 on wards i will be with nose studs and inside my hose and mom got more satisfied and being my son iam disturbing you my neighbour one girl use to come to my house daily she saw my nose studs and said to my mom dont remove his studs i want to play with him as a girl i felt shy and went inside and started crying then she said sorry and gave me kisses unknown ro my mom and she said she will pierce her nose both sides and give company to me

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