Boy with nose stud (wiza)2022

by Wiza
(Pune junction )



Hello everyone
I'm a boy I liked nose piercings and other body modification i was very passionate about the piercings i was always attracted to nose rings,pins i always stairs my momas nose piercing one day my moma noticed that I was staring at her nose stud it was so beautiful studded with diamond and i was just staring at that and my moma asked me son what are you look at me i said nothing recently my moma got her new nose stud i it was glittering and she said son did you liked my nose pin i said yes and she said do you want one i said no how I can I'm a boy and my age was 16 my moma said nothing will happen I said I will think about it ( i think my moma seems that I'm interested in nose piercing ) and i was in class 9th and my best friend was ( saniya ) she is my friend since 2nd standard she knows everything about my passion every secret she know everything about me. And one day i she i noticed something change on her and she said guess what I've done and i saw her nose pierced with wire and i said woooowwww i was out of words and i was soo happy seeing her with piercing she was my Partner we share same desk(bench). I after in free period i asked her about piercings i cant control my feelings and then i started to ask dumb questions i asked her did that hurts while piercing? Where did you get it done? What was the price? Look at your hole on nose? I started questioning her she said do you like piercings too i said nah ( but yes I like to have emm )
And after a week of Holidays on account of diwali school reopens and next day when I saw her with shining nose pin and i was really amazed looking at it so I cannot controled my thoughts and during free period i asked her questions what did you do with old wire nose ring? Does it hurt while changing ring to stud? She said nah it doesn't hurt after piercing is healed so after the school i asked my elder sister di how would I look with nose ring she says nah you would look ugly with ring but with nose pin(stud) you will definitely look good and i was full of joy and some how i pumped my self I took a neddle and i closed door for room infront of mirror i tried to pierce my self I can fill the tip of niddle in my nose but it was hurting so I gave up. Next day she was absent and after next day she came with different nose stud and i asked how many of studs you have she took pouch from bag and opened it i was shocke there where so many types of nose Jewelleries i said wow your too lucky to get your nose pierced so she said you seems you really like piercings and i said yes tho i like them but i cant have one because of I'm boy so she said come on we are leaving in 21th century . So i asked so I can have one she said ofcourse you can and then I started asking more and more about piercing and at the end it was planned that she is gonna pierce my nose tomorrow and i was very excited and we went on our on paths. After reaching home I cant wait for tomorrow that i would get my nose pierced and i can wear a proper jewll a nose stud or a ring so next day she showed me a niddle and i was really curious about it at the end of school she said she'll be coming to my house and after reaching my house I took her to my room and i changed my clothes and later I left her alone so she can change her clothes too so she got her clothes on and then i asked my moma and papa to get us some snacks from nearby food centre i know they'll be late and took my elder sister with them and me and saniya were left alone at home and she said to sit infront of her i asked me are you sure to get your nose pierced i said yes and she asked how you'll hide that piercing and i said just put a tiny stud and she agreed and then she took niddle and press gently and finally I felt such a pleasure able pain and she screwed nose stud very tight so it won't fall and applied feviquick and i was done my hear full of joy and even she was happy to see me and then I looked my self in mirror and after seeing there is a tiny diamond stud on my nose i felt I've conquered whole world and it was not visible easily so no one can see it only if you look with keen eye. I thanked her she was the best she said don't remove it let it heal properly . Soon moma and papa came with snacks we had it together and at evening she was off to her house during dinner time I felt some kind of feeling If someone noticed me with nose pin i took plate and had my dinner in my room so next day was

ready for my school and i was sitting on my bench hiding my nose pin with hand and then she approached and said Dont work it's not visible i felt so courageous and let it go even she was happy for me and she showed her nose pin collections and Said let your nose piercing heal we'll try every nose studs,rings on you i said yes let it heal first so after 2 weeks my final examination was completed and it was summer holidays so on Sunday my father had ha call had we was invited for a family occasion (4 days )so my father asked us to get ready somehow i managed to staying in house i said I need to prepare of my 10th so he agreed so my moma said get you food nearby mess. And they left me alone the first thing i went my sisters dressing table and i sawy nose and tiny stud awwwwww it was looking pretty so I decided to call saniya to my home and my and she got permission to stay at my house for 4 days we both were happy while she was coming to my home and i waited for her and she came i asked her to come inside and she gave me a hugg and kissed my tiny stud and i felt shy and i was red . Now we are ready to try every nose rings,studs so first She unscrewed my stud and removed it was hard to remove and i was my hole clearly it was getting big and i was happy and nervous at same time and she said it's okk and then she gave me red nose stud and it was pretty I loved it very much after an hour she said let's change that nose stud again and then she gave me a thik stem nose ring studded with diamonds like as my moma and i was glad and soon the be rang i opened a door say the son of owner of mess he got me tiffin and said nice nose ring i felt very shy and i forgot i have a nose ring on and i was worried if he's gonna say it evryone that i got my nose pierced. Anyway we had our lunch and after the lunch i was on bed and saniya came and started playing with my nose ring with her hails so my i felt soo good with it(tiny monster was standing) and she saw it and giggled and said it's common . And few hours later she gave me 5 nose pin with 5diamonds and screwed and st night same choto( mess guy ) came with dinner we had our dinner the saniya slept in my sister's room and i slept in my room playing with my nose ring feeling that saniya is still touching it and i got sleep . Next day I saw saniya standing infront of me and kissed my nose ring i feel great sooo we did same we changed Evey nose ring,stud every few hours at third saniya showed me a nath it was too big and thick it has hook ( for ear )to support my nose ring i felt difficult while wearing it finally it was done after many efforts and i wore it all day even saniya tried to pull it with light force i felt pleasurable pain amd next day we were running out of time and i asked to remove this and give me my nose pin and she removed it but hole got bigger and she gave me another stud and it was just little much more bigger then old one and i said her how do I hide she said magane your self and she put that nose pin in my hole and screwed it very very tightly and put feviquick and i was done i waa thinking about how to hide and she game me idea to apply make up on it and it worked and soon she went back her home after giving kiss on my nose pin and she scratched on it I felt good and she went back . After few hours my everyone arrived and my moma was looking at me and i was nervous and she said are you fine beta ( son ) i said yes and my father and sister were tired and they went to sleep and i asked my moma again moma when did you gonna get a new nose pin and she said why i said just asking and she looked at me and i want you to be happy let's get your nose pierced i said no need Mona just courious to ask. Summer vacations are coming to an end . Soon school reopen i wore make up to hide my nose pin and but still it was bearly visible and i applied make and it was blended with my skin and soon i was in school I was in 10th now and she came and said do you have that nose pin still with you and she chech under my nostril and she saw that part of screw and looking at it she was happy to see me with nose stud again as days went on i did not asked her to give back small nose pin and i was now comfortable with this bigger one and few days later a sunny day i was returning from school

TO BE CONTINUED _ stay tuned

Date :-25/12/22

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