by Anjali

I live in tamilnadu-kerala border, belong to a very much traditional family. I have a brother who is yonger to me by three years. When he was in 10th class, during the summer vacation, his upanayanam was done and ears were pierced. Normally smaller studs were used, but his were done with a small set of jhumkas. Because our grandma, (mom's mother) insisted it. The deal was to keep them at least for 2 years. Mom really want him to keep it, she promised to change them into studs before the school opens.

During the ceremony, grandma made a lot of fuzz for not piercing his nose. She said things which I really couldn't understand about the horoscope and all. He was already embarrassed with the jhumkas in the ears, just like us, the girls have it, and couldn't even think about wearing the nose ring.

So after a lot of discussion, the next day itself, they called the nearby piercer. He resisted a bit, but was literally dragged and placed in front of him. Mom & grandma along with some of my aunts hold my brother, when the aachari pierced his left nostril with a heated needle. A single stoned nose stud was fixed. He was asked not to remove it at least for 21 days.

My brother cried a lot, but mom promised him to remove it. Grandma stayed with us for the whole 3 weeks to make sure it stays in place. It did gave me lot of fun. After the 21 embarrassing days, his nose stud was removed and grandma went back. On the day before the school opening. Mom removed his jhumka and kept it's own stud in the holes.

Friends teased him a lot, but after a while things settled. He kept the earrings till, passed out from school and removed them after. The holes in his ears are pretty visible and anyone looks closely can see the puncture mark on his nose as well. He is in college now, but luckily no one else know.

If any of you guys have the nose piercing experience like my brother, please comment.

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