by Anjali

I live in tamilnadu-kerala border, belong to a very much traditional family. I have a brother who is yonger to me by three years. When he was in 10th class, during the summer vacation, his upanayanam was done and ears were pierced. Normally smaller studs were used, but his were done with a small set of jhumkas. Because our grandma, (mom's mother) insisted it. The deal was to keep them at least for 2 years. Mom really want him to keep it, she promised to change them into studs before the school opens.

During the ceremony, grandma made a lot of fuzz for not piercing his nose. She said things which I really couldn't understand about the horoscope and all. He was already embarrassed with the jhumkas in the ears, just like us, the girls have it, and couldn't even think about wearing the nose ring.

So after a lot of discussion, the next day itself, they called the nearby piercer. He resisted a bit, but was literally dragged and placed in front of him. Mom & grandma along with some of my aunts hold my brother, when the aachari pierced his left nostril with a heated needle. A single stoned nose stud was fixed. He was asked not to remove it at least for 21 days.

My brother cried a lot, but mom promised him to remove it. Grandma stayed with us for the whole 3 weeks to make sure it stays in place. It did gave me lot of fun. After the 21 embarrassing days, his nose stud was removed and grandma went back. On the day before the school opening. Mom removed his jhumka and kept it's own stud in the holes.

Friends teased him a lot, but after a while things settled. He kept the earrings till, passed out from school and removed them after. The holes in his ears are pretty visible and anyone looks closely can see the puncture mark on his nose as well. He is in college now, but luckily no one else know.

If any of you guys have the nose piercing experience like my brother, please comment.


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Mar 20, 2020
To The Anonymous Below NEW
by: Shreya

Please wear it always and continue this custom to the next generation. Nose ring will only increase your beauty.

Please tell us more about your piercing procedure, and friends and family's reaction.

My son still has all the earrings and nose ring. And we are planning to start this as a custom.

Mar 02, 2020
nose piercing feeling NEW
by: Anonymous

hai i am presently 17 and we are living at palakad border. since i am the 3rd child it is custom in our family to perceive the nose. on last month by parents decided to have my nose pierced. since i am studying matriculation school nearby, i hesitated to have nose pierced as by school mates will tease me. but my parents strictly forced me to have the piercing. so no other way we went to an nearby gold smith and got my right nose pierced and a single stoned jewel was now in my nostril. my mother promised to remove the stud but she want me to wear a small ring with small red pearls which my mom has ordered the gold smith to make.
my question is should i wear it or not. my sisters are insisting me not to remove but i feel shy in front of my class mates. please suggest whether to wear or not

Oct 09, 2018
Last son NEW
by: Anonymous

In my family last child should get nose pierced if it is boy or girl since I am the last one so my nose pierced at my 3 rd age till I am with stud pin my right nose I have to carry it in my whole life my life feel shy to come outside with me but inside the house no problem for her even she pinches my nose daily

Jul 31, 2018
English please NEW
by: Anonymous

Please translate in English for everybody's understanding

Jul 30, 2018
Nose piercing punishment from my friend mother NEW
by: Harsha

E incident na intermediate days lo jarigindi Naku amaila mukku ante chala istam e istam Ela vachindante na school days lo a tappu chesina amai mukkuni abbai cheta alage abbai mukku Ni ammai cheta patinchi pindinchadam and gunjillu teyinchadam chestaru ala amai la mukku ante istam vachindi idanta school days lo intermediate lo oka ammai mukku chala bagundedi oka roju tempt ayyi tana mukku patukoni laganu arustunna vadalakunda dadapu ten minutes pindanu.a paniki a amai mukku vasipoyindi.a ammai valla amma college ki vachi pedda godava chesindi college principal kuda oka lady kavadam valla chala pedda issue ammani kuda college ki pilipincharu ma amma kuda chala kopam tho ugipoyindi ma abbai de tappu meru em chesina Naku k mere punishment ivandi anindi.danto na friend valla amma pakkana una mechanic shop nunchi techina cutting player tho na mukku patukoni lagindi.dadapu 30 girls cheta na mukku patukoni pindincharu apakunda one hour patu na mukku pindincharu Inka kopam taggaka na mukku kutti pudaka kuda pettindi na friend valla amma.ila one year na intermediate anta ala mukku pudaka petukone unanu andaru na mukkuni lagi enjoy chesevaru

Jul 16, 2018
boy with nose stud NEW
by: Anonymous

i saw a boy with ring in nose he is from orrissa daily i use to see playing near my house one day i showed him to my mom from that i asked my mom why he alone got his nose pierced my mom asked me are you interested in piercing your nose i said yes that evening my mom said i am getting my nose perced i jumped in joy we went to goldsmith she gave one tiny stud and asked him to pierce my right nose goldsmith laughed and asked he is your not a daughter my mom laughed its ok pierce his nose i sat in front he pierced my nose i got tears he flipped my nose and tightened my inner thread i am just 9 we returned home i showed my stud to that orissa boy we bought became close friend in my class all girls became close to me daily they use pinch my nose i removed after three years

Jul 07, 2018
Girl nose pierced NEW
by: Anonymous

I am in cheñnai i want servant with both nose pierced

Feb 17, 2018
My boy nose pierced NEW
by: Anonymous

I am in chennai we appointed a servant for cleaning her son got his nose pierced and single stone shinning he is just 8 only i asked her being a boy why you pierced his nose she said on her village in andhra her first baby should get nose pierced at 3 rd birthday untill his marriage he have carry after if his wife allows he can wear but till his marriage he should not remove if its girl means she will carry always on hearing his story i felt pitty but its nice to his face on seeing him i got facinated so i compelled my mom to get my nose pierced she cant avoid because i am her loving son at last i got my nose pierced at my 12 th birthday

Jan 26, 2018
My Brother's Upanayanam. Part 1. NEW
by: Sanjana


These rituals, are actually happening, right? My brother is sixteen and it hasn't done, yet. Recently the discussion started, and as he is the only boy in our family, everyone want it so grand and traditional. My mom have four sisters and all of them has girls, so everyone is excited about it. Even though the discussion only started, it was planned long ago, thus he was made to grow his hair for almost a year now. It somehow got postponed and got this much late. I will post the progress later.

Dec 17, 2017
boy with mookuthi NEW
by: Anonymous

one family shifted their house and came next to my house her daughter was 8 and i am 12 we became close friend she always played with me since i am a young boy no one cares one day her mom took me and her daughter to a goldsmith there she made her daughter to sit in front of goldsmith marked her both nose and gave two single stone studs my friend catched my hands in feiri consoled her she got her both nose pierced with thick needle because mookuthi given was old one it got thick stem which was her grand moms mookuthi on her rememberance it as been used to my friend nose she cried in pain i watched the piercing proceedure fully wich makes my mind to wear nose stud in my nose so i said her dont worry i will give company its promise after tightening we returned home she stayed in my house due to pain she slept in my bed i sat near to her on seeing her inner stud some feeling happened in me so i took my moms ear stud from cup board and went to same shop and said to puerce my no nose he laughed and never believed i said its real but he never accepted still i am young so he asked to come with elder than i called my friends mom and exolained she came with half mind i said i will manage my mom atlast i got my both nosei pierced with big 7 stone ear ring which is each 8 gm i can feel the weight with shy and feer i entered my house my mom saw me with mookuthi two side she laughed and said my nose should be pierced one side due to city life it was postphoned come summer that ritual isl planned so its no problem she showed the stud bought for me on hearing her words my self and aunty got relaxed my mom inpected my nose and said i cant remove once my nose was pierced i have to carry for whole life ttime i said ok mom my mom said since you got my ear ring it will look more big to my nose i said i will accept the pain my mom said said coming sunday one function with pooja will be cotucted with all our relation i said i am ready mom so it will be easy for me to go out in public my mom hugged me for making her work easy due to me my mom got her left nose pierced because all will question in function that sunday i got great fun my friend becamce so close ever before at my 25 age i got marriage due to my mookuthi 3 family rejected atlast my friend accepted me so we both got married since we both got good understanding now only thing my son or daughter have to be convienced

Nov 08, 2017
My boy nose pierced NEW
by: Anonymous

My son is very rough type he always fight with his sister one day i gave warning this is last chance next time your nose will be pierced he kept quite for one week again he stsrted that night my self and my daughter tied his hands while in sleep and pierced his septum with needle and fixed steel ring which is permanent type after finishing we untied his hands he saw his nose in mirror and cried for one hour from that day he became calm and looking cool after one month his 10 th birthday i asked him due you want remove your septum ring he said no need because he got attracted by many girls in his class so we left as it is during his marriage his Wife asked me why his septum pierced i explained she also wants to see his nose with ring so life continued with it

Nov 01, 2017
Nose Piercing of Both My Son & Daughter NEW
by: Shreya

Hey anjali & akshaya,

I already post this coment in another page, but I think this is the right place.

I'm shreya, mother of two. I have two piercings each in my ears and also my left nose is pierced. Recently, I took my daughter, who is 12 to pierce her nose, and her left side was done, like me she also have two piercings each on her ears . When we reached home, my son, who is 10, showed too much interest in his sister's nose. He touched, flipped, looked inside and even pinched her nose all the day. I found that he is too much interested in it, so in the night, when he was looking at her nose again, I asked him the big question. Did you like it? He felt too shy. So I went to my room and came back with a spare stud and placed near his left nose. He didn't say anything but I was already made up my mind. In the morning, I took him to the same place where his sister's was done. He was reluctant first, but I somehow managed it. His left nose was pierced and a small single stone stud was fixed. He cried a little. When we reached home, my mil saw it, and scolded me, but seeing him so happy she too agreed with it. She also have left nose piercing with two in each ears. When my daughter came from school, she was too happy to see her brother. We were having tea, when we noticed our similarities. All of us have our left sidd nose pierced. And we three ladies have ears double pierced. Suddenly mil suggested to pierce his ear. I was surprised to hear that. I did the nose, thinking that to remove it soon. What will I tell my hubby? I asked her. We will remove them soon, he won't know; she replied. My hubby is working in Italy and won't be back till the next year. Some of his friends already have earrings, so when I asked my boy, he didn't much complain. Finally, I agreed to it and we three took him to the same place again in the evening. We chose a pretty big round earring with stones and pierced his lobes. He didn't cry much. When everything was over, he stood up, but mil stopped him. Do one more, so that we all look the same; she said. That wasn't planned. And he was scared, but at last we did it. His ears were double pierced and a bigger single stone stud was fixed in the second holes. His sister was in heaven. Me too liked it. After a while, he became happy. We were planned to remove it after a week. But, postponed it, because we ladies liked it so much. His friends call him mookuthi boy (nose ring boy). It's been a month now, still he has all of them. Till now, my hubby doesn't know. My mil told me that she will take care of it. A week before, we changed his earrings in the lobes to jhumkas and he goes to school like that.

Please make sure to inspect and tight them once in a while, because the doesn't know how to.

I never thought of making him wear girl clothes, but seeing your post, I also want to try the same. His birthday is in the next week, maybe I should gift him a skirt & blouse as well.

Oct 30, 2017
Brother nose pierce NEW
by: Akshaya

Hey anjali,

The same happened with my brother too, he was in 9th standard, when his ear piercing ritual was done. On the first day both of his ears pierced with a small set of diamomd studs. Our grandma lived in the village and couldn't reach at the time of it. So when she arrived it was over and the aachari was gone. She made lots of fuzz for not piercing his nose and showed us the stud she already bought with her. It was a pretty big one with lots of sparkling stones and a thick stem, even, mine was a smaller single stoned stud. He scare a lot when seeing it. After two days of discussion with elders, his fate was sealed and the aachari was calked in the next morning. He was bathed and dragged towards him. Mom, grandma and some other neighbour ladies held him tight and his left nose pierced with a thick heated needle. Soon the big diamond stud was inserted and tighted firmly. He screamed lot in pain. Then it didn't stop it there. Grandma asked mom to remove his earring. When she was done, a small set of jhumka was given to her and soon my brother's lobes were adorned with them. Then grandma gave those studs to aachari and asked him to pierce his ears one more, right on top of the lobes. She explained that, it is for not doing the nose piercing in the first time. None of us had a double piercing, my brother cried a lot, but grandma insisted it. So it was done, soon his ears were double pierced. I did felt sympathy for him, but he looked so cute. Grandma asked him not to remove them until she say so, or his other nose will be pierced as well. It took some time for him to adjust with them. Unlike your brother, it wasn't done on a vacation, so he was sent to school like that. The ritual was common in our area, but the nose piercig was rarely done. I remember one boy in my class whose nose was done and he wore a small golden stud for a month. My brother was kept like that for 51 days. Two three days before that, our neighbour, who is a tailor was called and his meassurements were taken. On the 51th day, in the morning, he was bathed and given the surprise, a long skirt and top with complete innerwears. Mom and gramdma forced him to wear them and a little makeup was done with nail polish and all. I couldn't control my laugh and thus teased him a lot. During the night, he was asked to sleep like that. In the morning, grandma made him sit on the chair and the jewelleries were removed. He cried a lot, but was happy. All the holes were visible. Grandma went back after sometime. He bathed and got out from the girl getup. And he looked weired, mom & me didn't liked it. So we asked him to wear them back. First he didn't, but we convinced him how weired it is, finally he agreed to wear the earrings. The studs went in the second holes and the jhumkas without their hangings went to the lobes. But still he didn't agree to wear the nosering. After a lotsof persuation, he agreed to wear a smaller one, just like mine. So we inserted a single stone golden stud with smaller stem into his nose. It was little loose, but the hole wasn't healed yet, so after some days, it become tight. He is in now 10th class and still has all of them. During those days, occassionally mom forced him to wear that skirt & blouse, but now he outgrown them. Ask your brother to wear them back, no need to shy, girls love it.

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