besthiri stud

MY husband always wants to pierce my nose after 4 months of his request i accepted his wish he took me to a goldsmith and said to pierce my right nose and he bought a besthiri of 16 stone nose stud which is of thick stem on seeing that i said it will pain more but he said i have to wear the same so with great force my nose pierced and inserted the stud and tightened the inner thread my eyes got tears he wiped my tears and showed me a mirror my nose glitters and suits in center of my big nose i liked my appearance but i never showed in my face we returned home on seeing me with big mookuthi my mil praised me and gave kiss in my fore head and she gave all her jewels to me in that 2 mookuthis with red stones looking more gorgeous but i never said to any one that night my husband gave lot of kiss to my nose on right side i asked why you are giving kiss on right side alone he replied only after getting stud in left side then i will get on left nose and he said he will remove my nose stud on every friday for oil bath and replace after oil bath so after 2 month he removed my nose stud and he replaced after oil bath the feeling of touching my nose inside makes me more thrilling experience this changed my decision so i asked my mil can i get one more piercing in left nose she thanked me and said she wants to ask the same to me but she thought i wont accept atlast we both went to goldsmith and got my nose pierced and red stone stud with thick stem with 18 stones placed in my nose which changed my attire most beautiful on that night i got 1000 kiss to my left nose from that day iam enjoying my life with mu husband

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