besthiri stud

I got married but my nose was not pierced my mil said my nose will be pierced i cant say no but i said my husband wont like my nose pierced on hearing this my mil said my husband want to see me with nose stud on hearing this i have to accept his wish so one sunday my mil took me to a jewelry shop and selected one 12 stone nose stud besthiri which is of made of thick stem and 2.5 gm being newly married i cant object the model we both went to basement there one goldsmith saw me and said to sit in front of him i felt and shy to sit in front of unknown and to touch my nose but i have to obey my mil he marked on my right nose i said better i will get on left side my mil said ok so he marked my left nose and fixed the stud with thick needle and forced in nose and at last the stud entered my nose with tears in my both eyes and inner thread tightened and a mirror shown to me the stud glitters in center of my big nose which looks nice to my face but i never showed my feeling we both returned home my husband saw my nose he praised me for accepting the piercing from that day daily he praise me for having stud in my nose on hearing his words i liked my nose stud i asked my mil why you bought me besthiri stud for hence since 24 she said my nose was big

so big stud will suit me well after one month i went to my house my mom saw me with nose stud she praised my mil for changing my attire but all my relation and neighbur said my right nose looks more empty even i felt the same but i never said my mom said today we will buy one stud for right nose i dont know what to say but my mom bought me one stud with big single stone with 4 drops i likes the model i just placed in my right nose and saw me in mirror which looks more bright to my face i said to my mom i will wear this in my nose immediately we both went to goldsmith near by and got pierced with same tears and inner thread tightened i saw my nose in mirror i loved my near attire every one in my area appreciated my guts after 10 days i returned to my mil house she cant believe my nose piercing she flipped my right nose and saw inner thread in side my nose then only she beleived and gave kiss in my nose and fore head that night my husband gave lot of kiss in my nose that time all my pain in my nose vanished and enjoyed my life from that day after one month every friday my removes my both nose stud by his hand for oil bath after he himself replace in my nose during that i feel some thing happening in me so eagerly started expecting every friday stii now more 5 years iam enjoying this

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