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Best Metal for Nose Ring

Knowing what is best metal for nose ring goes a long way toward helping you overcome anything out of the ordinary. Many people experience hypersensitivity to the metal that goes through your newly pierced skin.  Nickel is a common culprit, and you'll find that it's present in a wide variety of metal alloys. 

Lets have a quick look at the do's and don'ts when it comes to choose a right nose ring metal for you.

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1. Best Metal for Nose Ring

Some Nose Ring Metals Are Safe and Some Cause Allergies or Sensitivity below are the safest metal to Use:

Titanium, Surgical Stainless Steel & Gold

Titanium is great for people with sensitive skin as it is biocompatible, resistant to body fluids, and nickel-free. It's relatively expensive, but worth as a starter if you can afford it.

Surgical Stainless Steel is a bit cheaper than titanium and is a very common metal used for body jewelry. 

Use gold once the piercing has fully healed, avoid any jewelry that is less than 14k gold; the higher the karat, the better. You should not use gold plated jewelry.

2. Best Metal  as a Starter Nose Jewelry

Best metal for nose ring aa a starter jewelry is titanium and Niobium.


Implant-grade titanium G23 is biocompatible, resistant to body fluids, and nickel-free. It's relatively expensive, but worth as a starter if you can afford it. Use it until you're fully healed.


Niobium is softer, heavier, and more expensive than titanium and better choice for your starter jewelry metal. Make sure it is pure Niobium without contamination.

3. Metals That Are Not Recommended

Silver, Nickel and all other metal that is not titanium or stainless steel.

Plated Jewelry as you don't know what its made of, its never a good idea to buy cheap and unknown jewelry the jewelry will starts to discolor and irritate your body.

Common Plastic or Nylon because it is degradable, difficult to clean and can be carcinogenic.

4. Non-Metal Nose Rings

Plastic Piercing Retainers, Bioplast nose rings, PTFE jewelry and glass

Non-metal jewelry that is suitable for hospital visits and X-rays and specially designed pregnancy jewelry.

Glass can be a safe jewelry material, but remember - the thinner the glass, the more fragile it is, which can lead to a risk of injury.

Always consult and ask your professional piercer for best metal for nose ring at your local shop. Certainly, the piercing professional should ask you if you're allergic to anything-food, drugs, or metals.  But most people aren't aware of any existing allergy.  If you've never before placed any type of metal against your exposed skin tissues, you would have no reason to know!  And, as mentioned above, most people are unaware of just which metals serve as ingredients in the piece of jewelry that is being inserted. 

The piercing professional must be accountable, but you share the responsibility to make your allergies known even if you're not asked about them.  Take a minute to think about whether you've ever displayed any redness or irritated skin patch whenever you've worn a watch, bracelet, ring, or some other type of jewelry.  Consider whether a belt buckle or the buttons on jeans have ever caused a reaction.  Even if you didn't recognize the redness as an allergic sensitivity, be aware of it.  If you've had a minor reaction in the past, you risk a greater reaction on repeated exposure to a substance. 

Some of the most serious problems that develop from a piercing occur because the person listened to his friends' advice instead of following his piercing professional's instructions.  This is a fact:  Many people do strange things to care for their piercings, and just because they heal without incident doesn't mean that you should do what they say.  Some people will change their nose jewelry long before the area is totally healed, for example.  The piercing site looks good to them, and they don't stop to consider that several layers of tissue are healing. 


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