besari mookuthi for a boy

from my childhood i use to play with my neighbour iyer aunty she dont have children so she was very affectionate to me she always use to kiss me and touch my nose with her rettai mookuthi when i was young i doesnt have any feeling when iam nearing 6 i started liking her mookuthi so volentiarly i started touching her mookuthi with my nose daily more than 3 times every day since my mom nose was not pierced one day i was left in her home for 8 days and my dad and mom went to one function so i went to school from there so daily i slept with her during sleep time i started admiring her mookuthi by watching very near and i atarted crying i want to wear her rettai mookuthi in my nose for one day she replied being a boy you cant wear or pierce your nose i never stopped my cry so no other way she took me to achari shop and made me to sit in front asked him to pierce my nose he pierced and inserted her mookuthi on right side i cried for pain and by looking me in the mirror a i started liking and laughed my aunty asked me are you satisfied i said i want left side also so she made me to piercce and inserted other besari so my nose got two sides besari mookuthi gliitering my aunty came back with empty nose she started liking me so much from that time after 3 days she asked me can we remove your mookuthi i said i wont alove i will ask my mom to buy new mookuthi for you so she left me as it is

after 8th day my mom came back and saw my nose with rettai mookuthi she my aunty why you made my son to wear mookuthi that toio on both nose imediately i answere its not her mistake i forced her to do this iand i like it very much then my mom bought two mookuthi of same design and gave it to my aunty one day my mom and mewent to purchase dress there lot of women watched my nose with mookuthi and said why you made your son to wear rettai mookuthi and when your nose is empty better atleast you get your n ose pierced today so no other way my mom got her nose pierced one side after one week we went to a function there also many asked why you are wearing one stud and you son got two studs so thre itself my relative aunty pierced my moms nose other side and made her to join rettqai mookuthi group she shouted me all because of you i got my nose pierced both sides but my dad liked both of our nose studs since then iam with besari mookuhti on my nose more than 15 years during my marriage i removed and inserted broom stick my wife watched my nose during 1st night she picnhed my nose the stick came out she noticed and she removed the stick i closed my eyes due to shame imediately she removed her nose stud and inserted in my nose and replied iam looking very cute with nose stud then i explained my retaai mookuthi story she took my same mookuthi and inserted in nose both side and said she likes my nose studs i kissed her more then 1000 time

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