Because of my wife I am with nose stud

My mom selected a girl with both nose pierced because I am her only son since she got our family mookuthis in her both nose so it as to be used by my wife After marriage my mom said to remove her mookuthis she silently accepted but my moms mookuthis are big in size and stems also thick and long so with thick broom stick support myom pushed the stud and tightened the inner thread she got tears I holded her hands back I feel pity in same way after two days gap she got stud in her left nose her nose was like jyothika so it matches more then my mom inner threads clearly visible while she lifts her face or while sleeping which attacks her and her mookuthis after one month her mookuthis rotates freely which makes me to play with her mookuthis slightly this interest developed in me day by day one I asked I asked can I get my nose pierced and wear your old mookuthi on my nose for one Sunday so first laughed and she asked my mom they both said ok on that Sunday with a chewing needle my wife pierced my right nose and inserted her tiny mookuthi and tightened inner thread I said thanks and tried to get up but my mom said wait let us finish on left side I said one is enough but they both said no problem get the left side also and pierced in same way since my nose was big it' looks very small and very nice they both laughed and said enjoy I

felt relaxed because no obection From both I enjoyed in watching the mirror so I slept late night on seeing in deep sleep they not disturbed me around 10 am my my MIL visited to see her daughter she entered my bed room and noticed my both nose pierced and her daughter stud placed in shy she rushed out and laughed loudly on hearing her sound I awake and came out to hall I forgotten about my nose studs and started asking her how are you she closed her nose nose and said well and she sujjusted my mookuthis are nice then only I remembered my nose I felt shy and entered my bedroom they all came in and said I should not remove my mookuthis until they allow I promised I thought they will remove in same evening that evening I asked to remove the reminded the promise then I asked that means they replied coresly not decided I started blinking and took leave for 3 days I went to near by shopping with my wife few ladies noticed many liked me casually my shyness went Little by little my wife Said don't be shy just go to office it's fashion now and see showed in net for past 5 years I am with her mookuthis my wife planned to pierce my sons nose along with ears if his nose pierced in young age he will accept next month his 3rd birthday that day she decided to pierce his ears and nose with permanent method she already ordered 2 tiny studs for his both nose it's bell pin size

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