Beautiful mookuthi on both sides and septum

by SarawananMunusamy

I am Vannan from Malaysia. I enjoyed reading all the experiences wear mookuthi on both sides and septum. I like this topic because is very interesting. It’s good to know about the ancient ornaments!. Beside making a woman's face look prettier and family traditions the holes we have in nose is said to reduce pain during child birth. Very few young women wear nose pins on both sides or septum. It makes the face looks radiant and beautiful. Let us hope more and more ladies start wearing nose studs on both nostrils and septum. As along as it fits our face, no matter how others, we think, think of us. I am kinda happy like any way :D Woooo. It is good to try something new. I think it will suit you to have piercings on both side of nose or septum. It is considered a trend. I feel everybody can have some special piercing on the face.

I have 2 friends in Malaysia wearing nose stud on both sides mookuthi, still young and aged around 22-25 years not old. My friends talk in Singapore many young girls who wear double nose stud. To all friends those who wear double nose studs and septum, please email me your PHOTO to persuade my sister to wear double nose stud and septum.

Why most of Indian don’t like to wear septum in modern live?
I would appreciate my future wife has piercing in all three places. It is my opinion why not their piercing septum and wear small mookuthi (to hide) when she go for work or office and can wear small ring or big during family- rituals / temple…

Can u email me ( if you have any share story or Photo above septum and both nose piercing or more holes in your ears. Nice snippet sweets do read. As an Indian we are proud of you with both side nose piercing and septum.FACEBOOK: Nolok - Noth - Nose Ring (Women Nose Jewelery)
I wish all girl/women have good experience in piercing both side nose and septum in life.

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