beautiful frmale surprise to pierce nose

by rajakrish

hi friends this incident was held in temple . im saw people to tonsure head in temple . few minutes later i saw a young female and his mother were standing in tonsure place . a female ask mother y mom standing this place . she told vow hair to god ie she shave ur head and give hair to his god. suddenly a girl shocked wat mom!!!!!! mom covinced to daughter to shave head . finally daughter agree to shave head. then mom and daughter went tonsure hall . she bought one ticket and went barber give a ticket porceed head shave for daughter. daughter sit infront of the barber . barber poured some water in gave message for 5 mintes . and insert the blade for razor . barber told girl head down pls. barber pull head down and place center of the head after five mintes she got totally bald. a mom give some rs for barber and go for bath.few mintes later im standing infront of the pergarm. once again i saw same girl and mom were standing in ear piercing place in temple . mom told his daughter to pierce his nose. suddenly she told in not agree this contion. mom convinced to his daughter u r a teenage girl .ur nose soft this age . if have additonal beauty for this face . finaly she agree this pierce his nose . she sit infront of his piercer . piercer told mom which side pierce his nose . she told right side . daugfhtre finally touch right side . piercer mark right side nose .pierce take give a mookuthi for piercer. piercer to remove the screw for stud . and fix the needle . piercer touch the nose for and insret aneedle ofr nose . sudenly piercer insert screw on stud but he did not set .a girl suffer a pain for nose . mom told his piercer nalla mookuthi tirugi vidunga . but girl told mummy romba pain ah iruku ma . konjum porthga .sari ma . immediatly girl told his piercer sir antha mookuthi potu vidinga , suddenly piercer to put mookuthi in nose . girl was loudly cry for wear nose stud.

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