As a boy i pierced my nose

Hi,i am tanish .Iam a 15 years old boy.I like nose piercing very mother has a nose stud and sister family is a rich day I pierced my nose with a needle and put a broomstick day I bought a new nose stud and at night I wore i am success in hiding my piercing from my day when iam wearing my nose stud i saw my mother's gold anklets and toe rings are put in my i likes it i wore both of it.on next morning when my mother called me i woke up suddenly and opened the my ornaments are not removed she saw my piercing.she then hold me and tied me with a rope on a chair.and called a piercer near our house.he came and mother asked him to pierce my both ears 7 times and pierced double nose stud on right nose.i already pierced my left nose so she told to pierce my iam with all these piercings and she also gave me her anklets and toe rings

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