As a boy I pierced my nose when I was in college.

by Leela

When I was very young boy my mother used to keep diamond nose stud near my nostril and saying it looks very cute to his nose. It started working in my mind and thinking of getting my nose pierced. When my sisters got pierced their nose I was feeling like getting my nose pierced. When I was in college I used needle and thread and pierced myself. Later to retain I used to put broom stick in my nostril. Since lot of pimples on my face nobody could notice my piercing mark. After my marriage I got the opportunity of wearing my wife's single stone nose stud when my wife was away to her native and my dream was fulfilled. I disclosed this to my wife later and she was shocked for the first time but started liking it and she was helping me out to wear various types of nose studs. Since I had cross dressing habit I started enjoying wearing saris wig jhumkas etc. Even now I enjoy dress up with all jewellery. Now I have pierced both my nostrils.

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