Are nose piercings supposed to hurt after 4-5days?

by Moriah
(New Zealand)

I just got my nosed pierced 4 days ago and its just starting to hurt quite a lot around the actually piercing and inside my nose. I just want to know if it is infected or just normal. It is feeling quite tender and sensitive and a little bit red. I clean it twice a day with saline solution. What should I do?

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Mar 03, 2012
Pain after piercing? NEW
by: Megan

Honestly, I have had my nose ring for over a year and it's still sensitive when changing studs. It has something to do with the cartilidge

Jan 23, 2012
Don't worry
by: Jen

Mine was pierced a week ago and I have no problems now. It Will see be tender and a little bit sore. If you are still worried contact your piercer. Just remember to keep cleaning it.

Oct 19, 2011
nose hurts after 4 or 5 days..
by: jessica

hi, it is like that because i pierced mine like 2 weeks ago and that how my nose was i didnt do anything to it just continue like that then you will be fine. and now i have even changed the stud now and o feel comfotable i hope u feel better soon :-)

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