Anxious 4 a nose piercing

by Berry Redd
(South carolina)

Being so antsy & impatient i went 2 a hair supply store & got a 👃 piercing from an elderly chinese man w/ a piercing gun. It was very cheap although my husband didn't recommend me getting it done there but I'm am adult & he said i make my own decisions. It was quick & painless, but once we got home my husband told me to take it out because the man wasnt sterile. He didnt wear gloves & we dont evpackeow if his hands were clean. All he did was take out an earring & a new piercing gun from the packet & he clamped me. He told me 2 take it out & clean kt thoroughly myself but afterwards we caught hell getting it back in. It was already red & tender on the outside & swollen on inside. We also noticed he pierced it sort of lopsided so that didnt help either. I decided 2 just let it close up & not take any chances tampering with it anymore. Anyways 4 about a week i kept it squeaky clean day night & afternoon & its finally healed. It just looks like i have a small scar on my 👃. The hole is completely closed but im African American & most would refer to my color as "redbone" bc i have fair skin so therefore it basically looks like an old black mark from acne. & b4 any of you imperfect sinning people like me judge me, i KNOW tht was stupid but lesson learned..hell it was cheap and convenient @ the 🕙 so why not? My sister went 2 him as well along w/alot more people i know & had no issue but im guessin it backfired on me lol. Ill never get a body piercing with a gun again unless its my earlobe. Question is...since its finally healed, would a PROFESSIONAL be able 2 repierce that same exact spot for me? Answers are greatly appreciated! God bless ☺

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