About the Backings.....and a few other questions

by Mari-Beth
(Tampa, FL USA)

I have noticed that unlike earrings, nose stud backs have what looks like an upside-down "U" shape. As awkward as this sounds, I went to get my hair done one day and I noticed that my hairdresser had a stud on her left nostril, so curiously I looked up and I noticed that the "hook" rested on the opposite side of her left nostril. MY QUESTION IS: Are you supposed to turn your nose stud a certain amount of times per day, as one does with earrings? If so, how is it possible, with the hook? Second question: How can I keep my stud from falling out during healing, and how do I clean it/what with? I enjoy going to water parks, so would chlorine cause an infection, or should I just clean it well afterwards?

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