A Different part of the nasal passage

by Punk blanket

My mom and dad shot my belly piercing request in the face so then I realized it was stupid but then I discovered a new little bobble called a septum piercing! It was the cutest thing and I had to have it! So I made my speech ready in my head and sat them down together. I told them about what I wanted and let them blab about how stupid it was but I didn't just give up. They said I woul look like a bull and I said that was what I was going for, I was born in the sign of the ox a very mighty and strong animal and I was thin and weak so a symbol of strength would improve my self esteem and confidence this lead to school and allowance of a piercing and I explained how you could just turn it up and poof gone! I showed pics of beautiful Indian and african women sporting such a piercing and they looked proud and strong not slutty and trashy. Explaining cost was simple as they've spent more on shoes I've never worn then this which I wanted to keep for a lifetime. A good argument I had, being 14, was that I was going into a profession where such things would keep you out of med school completely so doing something "childish and stupid" would be kind of a healthy thing for enjoying the short time I have. My dad pierced his own ear for a Halloween costume with a safety pin! And I wasn't gonna let him forget that and my mom had doubles so they had no room to tell me stuff they were dumb about in high school. So here I am with my black 16g circular barbell 2mm spikes in my nose on my iPhone 4 typing this for ya. Take care guys from north texas!

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