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Want to buy a used car/second-hand car? Teach you the process of buying a used car and all the things you need to pay attention to

Although my country currently has many public transportation systems, such as LRT, MRT, KTM, Monorail, Grab, and traditional taxis and buses, it is undeniable that my country’s public transportation system still has many problems, and Most of the land public transportation systems are on nothing more than because the price of a second-hand car is relatively cheap, it is easier to buy, and the car price discount rate will become more valuable, because most Owners of new cars tend to face the most depreciation of second-hand prices, and then the second and third-hand car prices are relatively stable. I give you suggest for buying second-hand car in this article. But after all the discussion i recommend for you one car at which is the big dealer site for you. Check brands car like PERODUA VIVA reason-able price. The price of this car is RM 9,888. You can easily buy this in Malaysia  location NO 57 - 58 JALAN ASSAM KUMBANG. Now I will discuss the thing about used cars.

Living around Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley (Klang Valley) area, if you are not living in the Klang Valley area, basically you will not get any benefits from these bus systems.

Therefore, buying a car is the only choice for many Malaysians, and under many circumstances and practical considerations, owning a car does make life and work easier and easier. I believe many people will agree that even if you live in the Klang Valley with a well-developed public transportation system and do not have your own car, it will take a long time to reach your destination if you commute to get off work or go out with friends on weekdays.

When it comes to buying a car, in addition to a new car, a second-hand car is another choice for everyone. It is Second-hand car specification

This time we are going to talk about second-hand cars, but we don't talk about the old topic of buying a new car or buying a second-hand car, because the value and the worth of it always vary from person to person. What we are going to talk about this time is how to choose a safe second-hand car, how to avoid buying a shuttle car, and what to check and do after buying a second-hand car.

First is the part before buying a car. With the development of Internet information, it is not difficult to obtain information and practical problems about a car in this era. Many car owners of certain car models will set up a car owner area on Facebook to communicate with each other. Car ownership, and some special areas are also open for non-car owners to join as members. Therefore, to understand whether there are many mechanical or electronic parts failures in your favorite car model, the best way is to get to know more experienced car repairers. as you join the Facebook group you attach yourself with the car owner for inquiring about the problem of the car.

After joining these groups for a period of time and understanding some of the characteristics and potential problems of your favorite car model, the next step is to decide whom to buy a car. Also thanks to the development of information, many online advertising platforms now have a lot of second-hand. Most of the advertisements for car sales are second-hand car dealers, and of course some sellers are private sellers.

It may be cheaper to buy a car directly from a private seller, but the downside is that the JPJ conversion process, the Puspakom car inspection process and the bank loan process must all be done by yourself. The choice depends on whether you find these procedures troublesome and whether you have time for yourself. Go to JPJ, Puspakom and banks to go through these procedures. If you think you are not competent, let the second-hand car dealers earn money. Because second-hand car dealers are experts in all processes.

Second-hand car dealer requirements.

I must remind everyone here that many friends who have no experience in buying a car, the second-hand car price seen on the website is often not the final purchase price, especially the price set by the second-hand car dealer. Let’s take a second-hand car with an asking price of RM70,000 as an example. RM70,000 is just the price of the car, which usually does not include the conversion process fee of JPJ, the car inspection fee of Puspakom, the handling fee for assisting in applying for bank loans, etc., and the second-hand car Most of the business is handed over to the errand agency, and errands basically charge an additional fee.

In this era when there are many used car dealers (especially there are many used car dealers in Klang Valley), in order to attract customers and compete with peers, most used car dealers will lower the profit of car prices and go through the following procedures. Fees, running errands, etc., make profits back. And now there are many second-hand car dealers who are not honest, and deliberately write down the incorrect manufacturing year in their advertisements, and they can be honest about the true manufacturing year when the customer comes to the door and is questioned. But the dealer of makes money. Honestly, I recommended this site for buying a car.


For example, some second-hand car dealers may indicate in their advertisements that the year of manufacture of the second-hand car is 2015, but the customer only says that it is 2013 or 2014 when they come to the door, because the value of the second-hand car is often different from the year of manufacture. It doesn’t matter, so when you come to see the car, you must ask the car dealer to show the used car’s “car card”. If you don’t have the original car card, at least ask to see the copy.

Of course, none of the above mentioned includes insurance and road tax expenses after buying a car, so basically a second-hand car with a price of RM70,000 includes various JPJ, Puspakom, and bank handling fees and errands. after paying all costs it may become 80000 ringgit. Of course, there is no fixed standard, because the cost of running errands can be different, and the insurance fee that everyone needs to pay is also different (some people have NCD, some people don’t), so don’t think about the price of a used car. It is 70,000 ringgit, which means you only need to prepare 70,000 ringgit!

Accidental certificates.

The next step is to look at the car. We all know that no matter what machine in the world, how exquisite handwork and technology are good, as long as it is a man-made machine, it will age. Since the used car is not new, it will inevitably be there. The problems of aging parts and performance, and whether the former car owner has had a serious accident, these factors naturally need to be taken into consideration.

Some consumers may worry that the second-hand car they buy will be a shuttle. The so-called shuttle is a serious accident that has caused the body to be connected for maintenance. This is not to say that feeder vehicles must be illegal. In some cases, JPJ and insurance companies will allow vehicles involved in accidents to be repaired on the main parts of the body.

According to the editor's understanding from many friends who are engaged in the body repair and painting industry, as long as legal connection maintenance has been carried out, there must be a print record of JPJ on the car card, showing that the car has been connected to the main body Structure, if you encounter such a second-hand car, it is basically better to touch less, and the value of the connected second-hand car will be degraded even more.

Flooded vehicles.

Another important point for learning is whether the vehicle is a flooded vehicle.

It will cause a car fire incident, so everyone does not want to buy a flooded car, and this also makes the second-hand value of the flooded car depreciate even more.

How to identify a flooded car?

 When looking at the car, consumers can lift the carpet on the inner floor of the car to check whether the carpet is clean. If there is any slight yellow dirt or yellow granular things, it is likely that the car has been flooded before. It is said that some flooded vehicles can also wash the yellow mud stains inside, but because it takes a lot of time and manual work to completely remove the yellow mud stains, it is not easy to completely remove them.

Another way to tell whether the car has been flooded is to open the fuse box (Fuse Box) of the car. The Fuse Box of most cars is located in the engine room, but some are in the cockpit. After opening the Fuse Box, you can check whether there are watermarks left by the flooding in the black sunspots, because basically even if the former owner has washed the engine room, car washers usually put plastic bags on the Fuse Box in advance to prevent water damage. The fuse inside, plus general car manufacturers will design the Fuse Box in a higher position and the box will be designed to prevent splashing water, so it is unlikely that the Fuse Box will be flooded in large quantities for no reason.

The next step is to confirm whether the car has been involved in other serious accidents. Basically, once the car has experienced a serious accident, most of the exterior panels need to be replaced, such as bumpers, water tank shields, headlights and taillights, etc., basic Views include looking at the hood, bumper and body paint colors from all angles in a bright environment, whether there is any inconsistency, whether there are obvious differences between the old and the new, and pay attention to whether the joints of the bumper and other parts are inconsistent. Neatly, to make a preliminary judgment on whether the car has experienced an accident.

Another method is to open the hood and observe whether the surface of each component is dirty and aging to determine whether any components have been replaced. Also, pay attention to whether the screws of some important components have been twisted. Check the water tank after cooling whether milky white ingredients present.

Major repair check check of second-hand car

In fact, to judge whether a car has undergone major repairs.The best way is to bring a professional repairman to watch the car. hire that person for the check who has experience in dating and paying.  And can achieve no traces on the surface. But I also want to remind everyone that it is normal for a second-hand car to have a small collision. if tire alignment is not proper and body affected its major problems.

To be honest, most professional second-hand car dealers will inevitably lower the mileage slightly at some used car dealers with higher mileage, and even the electronic dashboard can be adjusted.

How to confirm whether the mileage is accurate?

It is actually difficult to confirm accurately. But you can use some small step. Such as look at the four-numbered factory date on the tire sidewall (1522 represents the tire that was shipped in the 22nd week of 2015). And Through the aging of some trim panels or leather seats in the car, you can roughly estimate whether the mileage in the dashboard is accurate. At the same time, you can also ask to check the original maintenance records left by the owner to compare the date and mileage of the previous maintenance. To calculate, we can probably know whether the mileage of the car is very different from the actual mileage. The last thing is to request an actual test drive, and look for any signs of problems with the car through a test drive on the road.

After deciding to buy a car, the next step is the process of applying for a bank loan. Generally, the loan interest rate of a second-hand car is higher than that of a new car. The editor based on my last car purchase experience. At that time, the loan interest rate of a new car was generally higher. Less than 3%, while the interest rate for second-hand cars is between 3.5 and 4%. However, the loan interest rate also depends on the buyer’s own information and financial background. Strive for a better interest rate, and secondly, it depends on the year of repayment of the loan, the specific car payment and the loan amount, etc., so friends who want to buy a second-hand car must be psychologically prepared. Although the car price is relatively cheap, the loan interest rate will also be relatively high. Don't think that the interest rates of car loans are all the same!


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