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Gold Barrick was initially a privately held oil and gas company in North America. After incurring heavy financial losses in this sector, they decided to turn their attention to gold. The name Barrick Gold Corporation was changed from American Barrick Resources to Barrick Gold Corporation and they became the second largest gold producer in the world by 2001.

Barrick Gold Corporation is engaged in many related activities apart from the actual production and sale of gold. They also hold interests in oil and gas and their properties are located in Canada. The Gold Barrick gold mines are concentrated in North and South America as well as Australia Pacific which are their regional business units. The equity interest that they hold in African Barrick Gold plc is 73.9%.

Gold is perhaps one of the most important commodities on the market that has doubled in value in the last five years and broken several price records. People are in a constant dilemma about buying, hoarding or selling gold today. Due to the growing economies, the demand for these resources is increasing. As a result the shortage of other commodities such as food, potable water, crude oil, energy, minerals and usable land have resulted. The dollar has been steadily losing its purchasing power as a lot of money is being spent from the US Federal Reserves.

Barrick Gold-Mining Gold

Mining of gold is controlled tightly to prevent excess golf from flooding the market. The largest supply of gold comes from gold mining and these forces the price of gold to fall. Since gold is rare, old mines are generally shut down when new mines are found as this keeps the supply low and consistent.


It is speculated that the currency status of the American dollar’s reserve may be replaced by other currencies and till then people will continue to buy gold. The US Government is beginning to lose its credibility with other countries globally as they are becoming the world’s largest debtor instead of crediting. This may make their position negative from stable.


The price of precious metals has been steadily falling for the past two years. The price of gold was recently priced at over $1600 per ounce. People are always considering whether to buy, sell or hold their gold. People are continuing to be attracted to purchasing gold. Gold Barrick highlighted the need for change and assured that they were re-focusing on their business by taking action on the principle that “returns will drive production but production will not drive returns.”


Investors generally reason that the gold market rises when the stock market is down. This may be possible in the current marketplace. Stock brokers are capable of giving good advice if you wish to invest in gold stocks. Check out the international gold stocks that are noteworthy, such as Barrick Gold Corp, Newmont Mining, Goldcorp Inc., and Kinross Gold Corp. Gold Barrick’s vision is to be the world’s best gold mining company.  It is however advisable for investors to make sure that the gold stocks traded match the potential of investment risk.


India and China has experienced a slowdown in the jewelry making scene using gold. This could also be the result of the fluctuation in the supply and demand. It is advisable to invest in a comfortable level of gold after getting advice from a stock expert or analyst.


There are many definitions of country risk, which includes factors such as exchange rate risk, political risk, economic risk, transfer risk, sovereign risk and socioeconomic risk amid others. Gold Barrick is recommended by stock brokers who assess the market valuation, global financial conditions and value and yield attractions.



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