Jewellery terms you should know


An alloy is a combination of two or more metals used to lower the purity percentage of precious metals.  Common alloys used in jewellery are silver, copper, brass, ruthenium and palladium.

Baguette cut

A baguette cut is a stone that has been cut into a long, rectangular shape.  Baguette means “rod” or “stick” in French.

Bezel setting

Bezel stones are set inside a tube of metal, which holds them secure without inserting metal between them.  Since the metal edges fold over the stones to hold them in place, it can make stones look slightly smaller.

Brilliant cut

This round cut is the most common and popular style of cut for diamonds and many other gemstones.  This is because it has been designed with 58 carefully proportioned facets to maximise the amount of light reflected and refracted by the gemstone.


A smooth and dome shaped stone in oval, round, marquise, cushion or triangle cut.  It has either no facets on top, or sometimes a chequerboard cut dome.


The word carat or the ct.  abbreviation is used to indicate the weight of a gemstone as a standard measure of weight used for diamonds and gemstones.  One carat weighs 0.2 gram.  One hundredth of a carat is called a point.   A five carat diamond weighs one gram.

Channel set

Channel set jewels are seated in a metal channel, secured by a rim of metal running along the edges of the channel.

Claw setting

A claw setting is one in which three or more metal prongs holds a stone securely in a setting.  These claws grips the stone just above the girdle (the outer rim of the stone), with no metal directly under the stone.  This allows light in under the stone, so this type of setting is usually used for transparent, faceted stones.   A claw setting will make a diamond  more visible from a three dimentional side view, but such a setting will not make the diamond shine more, as it is not transparrent and only reflects light from the top.

How to see if a diamond is real

Cluster ring

Cluster rings are set with a group of stones in a pattern, forming the focal point of the ring.  They usually have one large stone in the center surrounded with several smaller stones.

Cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia (CZ for short) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide.  The synthesized material is hard, usually colourless and optically flawless, but may be produced in a variety of different colours.  Under shortwave UV light cubic zirconia typically luminance in a yellow, greenish yellow or “beige”.

CZ can be treated to resemble other precious and semi-precious stones, and used in high quality costume jewellery.

Cubic zirconia has an 8.5 to <9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Cubic zirconia has a refractive index of 2.176, compared to a diamond’s 2.417.

Cushion cut

Cushion cut stones are cut in the shape of a square cushion and rounded at the edges.

Dress ring

A ring which is worn purely as a fashion accessory.  It can be either plain or set with gemstones.

Emerald cut

This cut features a rectangular or square stone with step cuts and cut corners.  It is used on gemstones and diamonds.

Engagement ring

A gemstone set ring used to symbolise a strong commitment of love.  Diamonds are the most popular choice of gemstone because of their value and traditional symbolism of lasting love, with the solitaire design being the favourite choice.  An engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, because it was believed that the vein from this finger ran directly to the heart.


Engraving is a method of 3D surface decoration in which a design, date or name is etched into the inner or outer surface of a ring or jewellery piece with a sharp tool.

Eternity ring

An eternity ring is a narrow band with a straight row of diamonds or gemstones.


The cutting and polishing of the surface of a gemstone into a distinctive, and specifically proportioned, pattern of flat panels or ‘facets’.  This is done with the intention of increasing the stone’s reflection of light and its brilliance.

Ring size

To size a ring for a finger, a finger-ring gauge is used.  These rings are marked with their size in numerical or alphabetical order, and the jeweller determines which one fits best.

The Ultimate Guide to Ring Sizes


A natural gemstone is a mineral or an organic object which can be cut, polished and shaped or otherwise treated for use in jewellery.

Alloy An alloy is a combination of two or more metals used to lower the purity percentage of precious metals.  Common alloys used in jewellery are silver, copper, brass, ruthenium and palladium. Baguette cut A baguette cut is a stone that has been cut into a long, rectangular shape.  Baguette means “rod” or “stick” in… read more here


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Perforacion de la nariz - ¡Cómo convencer a tus padres!

Conseguir su primera perforacion de la nariz es duro, ¡especialmente cuando se necesita obtener su aprobación de sus padres! Tanto si uno está en la escuela secundaria o casada con hijos, la aprobación de los padres acerca de las cosas significa mucho para ellos.

Problemas del Piercing de Nariz

Puede ser de gran ayuda el saber más sobre los problemas del piercing de nariz antes o después de hacerse un piercing.

Piercing de Nariz FAQ Para Todas Sus Preguntas

Nuestras preguntas frecuentes sobre el piercing de nariz le ayudaran a encontrar una respuesta a las preguntas más comunes y acuciantes. ¿No encuentra lo que busca? Pregunte aquí.

Cuidados del Piercing Nariz – No Se Equivoque

¡Todas los detalles esenciales referentes al piercing de nariz que necesita saber! ¡Se sorprendería al saber cuántas personas todavía lo hacen incorrectamente!

Curación del Piercing Nariz

Unos cuántos consejos que le ayudarán a reducir el tiempo que tarda el piercing de nariz en curarse completamente.

Infección del Piercing de Nariz

Tratando su infección del piercing de nariz – la prevención es el mejor tratamiento, pero ¿qué debe hacer si ya tiene la infección?

Piercing del Tabique Nasal - Lo que usted debe saber

El Piercing del Tabique Nasal – La mayoría piensan que los piercings del tabique son un poco más atrevidos que simplemente una gema adornando el ala de la nariz. Algunas cosas a tener en cuenta.

Historia del Piercing Nariz a través de los tiempos

Un repaso a la historia del piercing de nariz


エキゾチックで珍しいノーズリングをご提供しております。 インド特有のデザインを施したクオリティのある22Kゴールドは西欧のマーケットではお探しいただけない品々でございます。


ノーズピアスの治療方法 ノーズピアスはあなたのお顔を引き立てる素敵な方法です。ピアスをつける場所とジュエリーを選んだら、次のステップであるピアスの傷が早く癒えて出来るだけ順調に回復する正しいケアのテクニックへと進みます。ピアスの施術をした直後から正しいケアを始めていただけるように学んでいきましょう。 

鼻ピアス・問題と解決方法 超一流の専門医に施術をお願いをしたとしても、ノーズピアスの問題が起こる可能性があります。症状を事前に理解して賢く学んでおきましょう。

ノーズピアス 受け継がれる歴史 ノーズピアスの歴史をもっと知りたいですよね?最古のノーズピアス、そしてインド最古のサンスクリット語の聖典「ヴェーダ」にも登場する男性・女性が使用するノーズリングについてお話をします。

ノーズピアスのケアとあなた ノーズピアスのケアについて更に学んでゆきましょう。ノーズピアスをする決意が固まった今、ピアスの傷を完治させる為に出来る限り最高のケアをご案内いたします。

鼻ピアスの感染症 新たに施術したばかりの鼻ピアスの感染が心配になるのと同時に新しいエキゾチックなアートに不慣れな状況ですよね。

दुल्हन की खूबसूरती पर चार-चांद लगाएंगे ये नथ के डिजाइन


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