4th nose piercing

by TK

I got my nose pierced about 3 years ago. I waited a year before I ever changed it out and I had to remove it for a c-section and could not put it back in minutes after coming out of surgery. So I got it repierced now i'm afraid it will close up again and unfortunately i have to remove it for work so now i'm having to take it in and out on a weekly basis but is still so sore every time and i'm not sure if i have the wrong jewelry or if its the location of my piercing that is the problem. i have it pierced on the left nostril towards the center and i'm thinking maybe the thickness of my nostril is causing the pain. I've tried the nose screws and they are difficult for me to put in and have to remove quickly on a almost daily basis. Even the retainers hurt to put in and they don't stay...I'm constantly checking to make sure it hasn't fallen out... What can I do????? HELP!! I love my nose ring and want to keep it but how?

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