nose pierced by mom and husband

Iam a village girl from tamilnadu when i was 9 my mom herself pierced my nose right side little high with great difficult she place the inner thread its not easy to remove for cleaning so i never removed after marriage my husband noticed my nose stud and said why you got high nostril piercing i explained the incident he repied that he will pierce my nose in exact spot i cant say no being a newly married girl i sat in front of him he politely pierced my nose little down from the previous one now iam with double in same side i asked to remove the first one he said now with both studs your face looks more sexy and its a new fashion no one in our family like this so you be like a trend setter and he never removed on looking my studs my mom and my mil and every one appreciated us and iam a lucky wife after my nose piercing he loves me very much and deliver several kisses on my nose studs this makes me more to love him more and more he always watch my inner gold studs and gets mood and he enjoys me affectionally and he use to change my second stud in different designs hence my first nose still now remains the same one

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Aug 04, 2013
my anni pierced my nose both sides NEW
by: Anonymous

Iam ateenage girl my brother got married lost month my sil looks so homely with nose stud right side with multistone i use ask her when you got your nose pierced she replied when she was 14 her mom pierced her nose and fixed multistone same like hers from that day she wearing the same one she asked me why your nose not pierced i saidi never think about it she asked me can you give company to me icant say no so one day we went to gold shop and bought one nose stud and i presented one for my sil we returned home next day being sunday my sil changed her nose stud which looks more bright on looking her nose stud i said iam eager to wear like you so she took one chewing needle and pierced my nose politely and inserted stud in my nose and showed me a mirror i felt so cofortable after finishing tightening i showed to my friend she said iam looking very beauty after two days later my sil mom came she saw her daughter with new nose stud and said its her grandmom nose stud so it should not be removed from her nose so she removed the new one and replaced the same old that evening i cqme from coolege and asked her why you removed my gift nose stud on seeing my dull ace she came back with needle and showed her nose to me for piercing other side i said no need but she replied she really wants to wear other side so pierced her nose and fixed my gift in left nose her appearence makes me slave to her and gave lot of kiss with tears now i said i want to give company to you and oon the same day i got my other side nose pierced and now we both got two nose studs

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